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Austria!! NOT Australia!!


Austria!! NOT Australia!!

I truly had to stop and stare at it for a bit.. it’s the dag gone Alps!! I’m like, holy crap!! I didn’t expect to see them there.. and then the thought of riding a motorcycle over !!???

Yes.. I expected to see them in Austria.. but you can see how I was shocked. The lovely soft rolling hills of green. I assumed my clue that I was getting close to the mountains would be apparent.. apparently not!!! They go from lovely hills, to BAM!!!

Okay, shock over.. get back on the bike and carry on… I’ve never ridden in mountains before and they have been on mind for quite a while. But like most challenges on this trip.. it’s probably not as bad as I think.. Because what I have been envisioning with big mountains are 1) High winds and 2) Icy slippery snowy roads.. what’s there to worry about!!?? I can handle that! ;-/

Now I’m getting closer…

See, they are easy peasy roads…!

That is such a good looking bike.. it’s just too big for me, but I like it..

And good to meet Klaus! I think he is happy to meet somebody from Australia, and I am happy to meet somebody from Austria!! (I can not tell you how many times people ask me where I am from, and I say Australia, and they say, Austria?? and I say no, Aust -ral-i-a..! OH!! You are a long way from home… yes!) Anyway, Klaus’ wife not here, she has a working assignment for the weekend.

So! Follow him!

The plan is to ride to his town, Zell am See.. explore and learn about the area, and in a race against the oncoming bad weather forecast, to shoot over the Alps the following day. Being a local, he knows the weather and best route as well..

We arrive the house.. my mouth wide open, I jump off the bike and immediately start taking heaps of photos… I say, “You live here???!!! Is it possible to live in such a beautiful place?? It doesn’t look real, so perfect!”

(I think I humored him a bit..)
So here are some more photos from the Rainer house!

So Klaus says, come on, I will show you around Zell am See. (I quite honestly don’t know why, I can just stay in this one spot all day!) But don’t pass up an opportunity to have a good look around.

Zell am See.. (did you know that See in Austrian means “lake”? So if you have a home by the See in Austria, it’s like ocean front property!?)

Isn’t he cute! An Austrian man, making his way around town with walking ski poles for exercise.. they are so healthy here.. seriously, I look at all the people, young and old and they all look so perfectly tan, blonde hair and really healthy! It’s like southern California, except with mountains and snow!

Bugger.. road closed already!!! Doesn’t look so bad to me, and I bet the people in those cars are thinking the same thing, how do we break in!?

We turn around and try a different route..

I am totally in love with the house designs here..

He decides to take me up another side for a great view of town and a coffee. Well, I don’t like coffee, but I’ll have a cup of tea..

While enjoying the view, we hear a motorcycle come up the hill.. the man sits at the table next to us, and of coarse we strike up a conversation about motorcycles. And then it hits him!! The man says, “Hey!! I know you!! You are the girl riding around the world! I was just reading your blog last week, you’ve been to Russia, Mongolia, and now here!!??”

I couldn’t believe it… a strange man recognized me and knew so much about my journey!! I felt famous!! How fun!! That truly does blow my mind….

Well his name is Hans, from Germany, and he rode his motorcycle here today, so he can go skiiing on the mountain tomorrow.. wow!! What a life!

It was a wonderful afternoon.. what a great
priviledge it was to be here.. and all the much better with friends… I am a very happy motogirl!!! ;-)))

And to finish off the day, back into town for an awesome Austrian dinner.. thank you Klaus!

I quite like this place .. ! 😉

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Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)


  • Ken
    January 12, 2011

    Inspiring! Very nice.


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