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Baja California South, Todos los Santos MEXICO

Baja California South, Todos los Santos MEXICO

We continue south in Baja California Mexico toward Cabo San Lucas.  Interestingly, many people told us not to bother with this town.  Far too touristy and expensive they say.
Luckily we have been offered a place to stay and camp by a Canadian couple Lars and Michelle. They live just north of Cabo in a smaller town called Todos Santos.  So that’s where we head.
Lars is a keen Kawasaki KLR rider, and since I’ve seen him ride, that’s an understatement! A true madman on a motorcycle!  I ask Lars why the spring on his brake lever is broken and not fixed and he says, I don’t use my brakes anyway!  Okay then.. I could learn some skills from this guy! 😉
We arrive their property so near the ocean and surf of the west coast.  I think I’m gonna like it here.

This is THE playground… and a real inspiration of a lifestyle I might like to strive for.  The cozy little camper under the palapa roof, a four wheeler, the motorcycle, the big ocean sand and surf.. they’ve got it all!

I set up my little tent in their yard and really really really wanted to go for a sunset walk along the beach.  I’ve been in northern North America most of the summer and fall, and only until we got this far south, can I take off my shoes/boots, walk away from the bike and enjoy warm weather on the sand.

But first, I must tell you these people are really after my own heart.  I haven’t mentioned yet that the day before we arrived, they decided to rescue two abandoned puppies.  My heroes…

First job was the worm medicine, leaving their little fat bellies back to skin and bone.

I can’t help but to want to hold them and keep them warm (not that they need it, but “I” needed an excuse to hold them right?).  They snuggle up on my belly while I try to do a little work on my computer..

Oh no….now I’m totally in love…..!!

James won’t touch the babies.. I ask him why, because I know he loves animals too.  So much, he became a vegetarian at a very young age..  He’s determined not to get attached to the puppies.  I understand that, but I can’t help myself.  I might even have to sneak them into my bag when I leave in a couple days.  Actually, come to think of it, both James and Lars where both about keeping the distance. Both seemed to have the same philosophy not to give them much attention since this is not their permanent home.  Michelle and I are all about making sure they are happy and giving them all the attention and love they need to survive!  An eye opening difference between how some men and women think!

OK, must walk on beach now….

I found Michelle out here!

This is something Michelle enjoys with her dog every night.  I also take my dog to the beach every morning where I live in South Australia.  Every dog I’ve ever seen on the beach is happy, all of them!  I miss my boy, Luke…. ;-(  I’ve been away from him 2 years now, can’t believe it.

How good is this??

Then our wonderful hosts make us a proper campsite meal, including the beers AND wine.  We are more than spoiled.. again!

 Can’t help it.. I love these babies!!!

The next day they offer to take us around their neck of the woods.  Lars has a very damaged foot from a small KLR mishap (maybe he could have avoided with functional brakes?? ;-)), so he’s out of moto commission for a while.  Instead we opt to all go together in the newest toy they have acquired.  A little and very used 4WD with a palapa style roof!

This man loves his toys.  Michelle and I know it’s best to just hang on in the back for dear life!

(this will NOT be our accommodation for the night.. 😉

Well, by the look of these roads, they would be good fun on the bike! The more they explain the area to us, it seems to be mostly a place full of holiday homes or trailers from Canadians or Americans during the winter.  

Regardless of the trouble this new little truck has, I love it anyway and have full confidence the boys will get it going again..  Isn’t it cute?!?

They did fix it and we went to lunch for a reward!

I tried the fish tacos for the first time.  Everyone has told me Baja is a classic for fish tacos, but I have been so in love with the other stuff, I haven’t gotten around to trying them yet.. today’s the day!

And YUM they were !!

Okay, the tour is nearly over and we make our way back to camp..

I love love love all the hummingbirds in Lars and Michelle’s yard.  I tried so hard to get photos of them but they are fast as lightening.

My first success was finding one on a fence, not actually buzzing madly around for something sweet.


Well I want to take advantage of this wonderful place, one more trip to the beach..

I might even attempt to get some desperately needed color to my skin.

I suppose I should show a bit of the actual town of Todos los Santos.  They have a Hotel California here, as do most Baja California towns, but the one here claims to be THE Hotel California from the “Eagles” song.  Seems to not be proven though..

It’s a great comfortable town.. Has most everything you need and from what I understand about Cabo San Lucas, we are much more content in a place like this.

We had THE best time with these two.. but we must leave, not only them but those gorgeous puppies! Thank you again for the most amazing hospitality, doesn’t get any better than this!!

Update:  Lars and Michelle sent me this photo which was taken the day before they went to their new home several weeks after we left Baja.  Mission accomplished.  They still look ‘oddly’ cute AND very healthy. As I’ve mentioned before, Mexico along with many other countries have a huge stray dog population.  The dogs live on the streets, many of them starving with broken legs, tails, nobody cares (and if they did, they don’t have the money or means to help them). I could go on about the sights I’ve seen with suffering animals.  On my way here, I saw a man run over a little white dog, pulled over laughing and went into a shop to get a beer.  I’m sorry to paint the bad picture, but it makes seeing the success and luck of these two dogs even better. Great job and even greater to know people like Lars and Michelle are still out there helping the animals, my true heroes.. 

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