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Big Fat Flat


Big Fat Flat

Ooooooh, big fat flat tire!

To continue on with our lovely country Sunday drive..

Once we decided to start heading back to Adelaide, only moments after making the turn the bike was out of control.  Back end was all over the place.  Even then I thought, wow this road doesn’t look much worse than the rest, I wonder why I am having trouble controlling the bike?  Then I slowed down.. still happening and even slower… seemed like the back end was doing a dance and didn’t invite me!!

So I stopped… Sam turned back to find out why I stopped.

Being a brand new bike and brand new tires…. I hadn’t got to my safety mode yet to say that I should be carrying spare tubes and fix-it stuff.

So, Sam the Savior rode 36 kms to the next town to track down the fix-a-flat spray.  He came back with 2 cans as he says ” just in case one of them didn’t work”.  Smart man!!  Because the first on didn’t work!!!!  Can you believe it?  Have a look at the thing we pulled out of my tire!

But the second one did. I was a bit apprehensive to drive on a tire pumped up by a spray can, but that’s what the directions say to do so that it spreads around inside the tire.

I got about 1k down the road and off that bike went into dancing mode again!

This time we pulled over and I called the RAA.  (from the top of a hill, as there was mobile reception there..)  The lady couldn’t work out where we were, she wasn’t getting the streets names in their system. So she determined I was a special needs case – Ha!!  Fair enough!  And she had me contact a towing company direct.  So gave him directions and he called back “Can’t find it!  Road is not on my map!”  Urgh!

No worries – Sam the Savior went into town and drove the truck and crew back to me.

Felt very very guilty to have Sam running around to take care of these things.. In the meantime,  and since there was nothing more I could do, I got to hang out and enjoyed a most wonderful summer breeze through the bush.  Many many kangaroos all around.  I laid on the dirt and got some much needed knee exercises done required from my surgery last Tuesday… watched the clouds pass by, played with the ants, emailed the tax accountant in America from my iphone.. you know the important things!!

Eventually I got towed back to town… and then back home to Hallett Cove around 8:30 Sunday night.  (Drama started around 11:30 AM)

Great great experience for me.. Haven’t had a flat tire of any sort for many years and never had one on a motorcycle.  I learned a lot, and can see how important it is to be prepared with water, tools and credit card…..  ðŸ˜‰

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Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)


  • March 16, 2010

    unlucky sherri! i am following your blog with interest. 🙂


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