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Busan South Korea.. An nyung ha se yo !


Busan South Korea.. An nyung ha se yo !

Here are my first images of Busan or Pusan, South Korea.. (some use a B and some use a P.. )

Check out that strange cloud that engulfs the city!

Getting off the boat entails lots of processes again, as I am in a new country!

Just as I was walked through the process in Japan, a lovely Korean lady gave me a post it note to be at the front desk on the ferry at 5:40.

From there, me and a couple others who had their race cars were allowed to get to the front of the line for disembarking.. how good is that!  There were people standing at the rope with their luggage way before, and I got to walk through.. My ego.. feeling like a rock star today!

In to immigration.. no worries!  No inspections, no visa, here’s your stamp..

Won (sp?), my new race car driving Korean friend… if you are reading the blog, I got you in a photo!

I enjoyed confusing the heck out of him, as his name is Jae Won Jang, who goes by Won.. which is pronounced like Juan, which is John in Spanish, so then I just called him John!  Which is my Dad’s name..

Sorry… that’s how my brain works..

So, this man comes up to me as I am collecting my baggage, and says, “You are Sherri Jo Wilkins?”

“Yes, I am!” He says, “Follow me..”  ROCK STAR SERVICE!!  I like it!!

Escorted me through the building and on to the Customs office.  We exchange all the pertinent documents.. and I wait in an air conditioned office.  So nice, as it was really really hot here… shall not complain, at least it is not raining!  Or do I prefer the rain, as sweat is pouring out of me about that fast..

So here is a picture of my Korean special helper..

The guy in the bandana, who just finished racing that American Chevy in Japan, had just run up and was trying to tell me to get my motorbike!  But the officials are having me wait here, and they would know when I can get it!

Just then, my bike comes racing up to us!

I’m kind of glad as even though I got my bike up that ramp in Japan, wasn’t looking forward to riding down it!

So, everything was approved.. my helper got me back into the terminal to get a load of Korean Wan, as I do need to pay for the opportunity to ride around Korea, and he also organized my insurance for me. . Love that man too!!

Packed up the bike, and on to last stop.

He also called my hostel to get directions so I might have a bit of hope navigating myself through a new city of madness..

I wait and wait, and he finally comes out and says, “He is coming on motorcycle to escort you to hostel”

Hallelujah #1321 for the day!

While I was waiting, this wonderful man in charge of vehicles for the ferry, has me come in to HIS air conditioned office.. makes me a cup of tea, and we have a little chat in English.

He then helps me learn the 2 basics I need to start off with.

Okay, my escort has arrived.. that sounds a bit naughty actually!  My Hostel owner arrives… and I get one final photo

All my helpers together.

I read in my Lonely Planet book about how Korean’s drive.. not really any road rules, very fast and pushy, and everyone out for themself.. Great!

I tell Inseokc (for ease, we call him Insect), that I am not sure about this, and don’t go too fast please..

He is really nice and says “Don’t worry, follow me!”

Okay, off I go.. and he is a mad driver just the same.  I do my best to keep up, weaving and swerving between cars, through red stop lights… onto the medium and sidewalk to do a u-turn.. Lord Have Mercy!

We made it his Hostel alive.

And I can tell you, this tiny little street with the tiniest little sign at the door, I would have never found it!

Inside there are a group of guests there already and wanting to go to dinner.  They organize for us all to go together, and that sounded good.. However!  They were on to Sashimi, raw fish!  An American guy, Chris, explained he had that experience with the raw fish the night before, and he ain’t doin’ that again!!

Ha… my hand was up with him, raw fish not at the top of my list..  and then another guy, Greg, from Australia says he’s not eating the fish either.

So!  Group divided, we head to 2 separate restaurants…not without passing through the raw fish markets, all the living and squirming things in tanks, and the smell!

Where he took us and dropped us off was really good…

I honestly had no idea what to expect, but he had ordered it for us in Korean, before he left with the others to the fish restaurant.

Nice barbeque… they bring in the hot coals, put the grill down and it’s game on!

Chris, being the American Army man stationed in Korea, takes over the grilling process.. That’s what men do.  I like that!  And, he was doing a nice job – I thought!

But the Korean restaurant lady came over, and clearly not impressed with his technique.. She takes the tongs out of his hands and takes over.

I think the look on Chris’s face says it all…  ðŸ˜‰

Some things I liked and some I didn’t.. but what a great way to start tasting Korea.

I had gotten pretty good at chopsticks in Japan… even able to pick up the very last morsel of food!

But in Korea, they use metal chopsticks.. Very slippery and hard to control, I feel like I am starting over again.

After dinner, it’s a night out on the town.  I think I just arrived Las Vegas!

We as budget travellers opt for getting alcohol at the convenience store to drink on the beach.. Works for me!  Would much rather be outdoors.

Left to right by country:  Canada, Australia, France, USA, Kangamerican!, top, USA, and middle Mr. Korea.

We all got on well and had a really fun night!  A great way to start for me here!

Katherine and Inseokc battle it out.

With a little help from a friend..

Sherri Jo drank a bit more of some yummy Raspberry Korean wine and woke up with a serious head ache the next morning.. but well worth it – thanks guys!!

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