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The Alaska Ferry from Haines to Bellingham, Washington was awesome, so glad I did that for a couple reasons.  One, I rode up to Alaska on the same road I would have taken back down, and I usually don't like doing the same road twice.  Secondly,

Finding a place to sleep tonight was a bit challenging as normal.  Again the majority of places are closed.  I found a campground that looks open, I went in to have a look.It was open if you have a hard shell camper.. which I do not! 

The "Top of the World" Highway was great fun, absolutely gorgeous and remote.  It's only 127 km (79 miles) long.. and is closed to vehicles from October to April (I am here in mid-September). Not much time to spare..Along the route comes a most famous little

It's all about the cute little bears in this part of the world!!I made a mad dash through British Columbia and had a plan to travel up the Stewart-Cassiar Highway toward the Yukon.One of the great recommendations from nearly everyone is to take a 67 mile

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