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I really needed to find a place to stay in Cusco where I could have my motorcycle with me.  Too many sleepless nights in the other place worrying about whether my bike survived another night 2 blocks away.  So after scouring the entire town, I found

First, a few more bullet holes.. The last day with Josip, we finish riding through north Bosnia before crossing the border to Croatia.. but not without witnessing a few last abandoned and destroyed villages.  So few people have moved back since the war.  I haven't seen

Oh gee whiz, I've done a lot since the last blog post.  Checking in from Athens Greece.. I've finished Bosnia i Herzegovina, back into Croatia, another 16 km into Bosnia, back into Croatia again, and then to Montenegro.. (in this blog).. but since I have also

There's snow in 'them hills! Ahh, after the beautiful sunset leaving Croatia the night before, I arrived on the early morning ferry to Ancona Italy in.. you guessed it, the rain.  I didn't pull the camera out of the bag, no point and kept it dry.So, this will

Today is a very busy full day with Rakela in Split Croatia!First, a little background information about where I am! A very popular destination for visitors, Split has been around for about 1700 years and is the main administrative city to all of Dalmatia.  It is also the

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