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Straight after visiting Indiana, I make my way up to Wisconsin.  I found a place online that has my favorite tires, and lucky that they specialize in custom design KTM parts!I just went there for my tires as they are not available in Indiana. You know

Aha!!  New Camera project accomplished in Seville Spain.. finally!  I've got somewhat normal photos again! Hallelujah!!Now I can get on the road again.. yay!  I'm going to Portugal!~!  I've been looking forward to this as it's one of the main countries I wanted to see in

First, a few more bullet holes.. The last day with Josip, we finish riding through north Bosnia before crossing the border to Croatia.. but not without witnessing a few last abandoned and destroyed villages.  So few people have moved back since the war.  I haven't seen

Apologies for the delayed blog post!!  I'm horribly behind again.. I've really really been on the move.. Meeting so many people, wonderful hosts, riding the bike a lot, leaving little time for blogging. Always a tough decision, should I go see that or meet them, or

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