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Kevin Irvine

Good Galapagos Morning!  After a beautiful sleep in luxury, this is the first official full day on our boat tour. It's early disembark today and all days.  The way the Naturalist Guide has us scheduled each day is an early morning hike, and then back to boat

We lined up early on the dock in San Cristobal Island to take the 7 AM water taxi to Puerto Ayora.  What a ride!!!!!  The water taxi was overly packed with people.  Luckily Kevin and I bought our tickets yesterday.  Even more lucky we got a

We're in!!  After 30 something countries on this journey, it's still exciting to me every time the border officers let me in. They have the power to deny.  And then it's another new country.. new territory for me to explore!  After crossing the border to Nicaragua,

Packing up the bikes to leave Guanajuato.  Miss you already..  ;-(((((((((( The street we live on in Guanajuato.Officially on the road again!!  You can't miss it because you can't miss all of the speed bumps (topes) in Mexico.  They certainly make good use of them throughout the

From Mascota Mexico we find a road that follows the bottom of a big lake (Laguna de Chapata) toward Guanajuato.  This road will keep us off the main highway. Big note:  Not only are highways boring, but they have super expensive tolls throughout the entire country. 

From Puerto Vallarta we all want to head inland again.  Found another very curvy road to follow.. shock!I personally want to make my way toward Mexico City. The boys do too at this point, as there are some really cool ruins near the city. But first

Good morning from Durango Mexico!  Nice view!!  I have to say that is one of the greatest pleasures of living on the road; waking up to something different nearly every day.Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou?? (Couldn't help it.. sorry!! ;-)))The Espinazo del Diablo is a special

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