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M56 Kolyma highway (Russia)

Had a really nice run on the Viluisky Trakt today..  rigidy again (that’s my new word), but feeling comfortable and cruisin’.Walter waves me into a café for some lunch.  The villages are more frequent along this stretch and there are roadside café’s for travellers.  This is

I wasn’t looking much forward to getting on the road from Tomtor, because the road into town was so gravelly.. I didn’t like it.But I was pleasantly surprised that the road was good for a really long time!  There had been a bit of rain, gravel

Yay! I survived the Gulag road!Now that it's over, it was actually quite an experience that I am glad I didn't miss.I certainly learned a lot!  About motorcycle riding in all sorts of ways, as well as the interesting history of the Gulag. Not many people

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