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Had a really nice run on the Viluisky Trakt today..  rigidy again (that’s my new word), but feeling comfortable and cruisin’.Walter waves me into a café for some lunch.  The villages are more frequent along this stretch and there are roadside café’s for travellers.  This is

After breakfast we head for the Gulag.  As with most things Russia.. for me anyway, I have never heard of a Gulag.  Ilya from Magadan told us about this place, but again they all speak in Russian and I only pick up bits and pieces.Since then

My new temporary life in Vladivostok is coming to an end.. but not without a bang!Lots of gunfire out in the bay from all those warships.. Walter had read on the internet that things were heating up between North Korea and South Korea, and since we

It's finally come time to leave South Korea and move on.. I like being on the move.Walter (whom I will be joining for the first portion of Russia:  Magadan to Irktusk) and his bike have arrived from the UK via Seoul.. he gets his bike unpacked

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