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The night after backtracking to Coroico, La Paz, and then north to Peru, we stayed the night on the border.  This is usually avoided, never a good choice to stay in a border town.  And it turned out to be the case again.  They are dirty,

There's snow in 'them hills! Ahh, after the beautiful sunset leaving Croatia the night before, I arrived on the early morning ferry to Ancona Italy in.. you guessed it, the rain.  I didn't pull the camera out of the bag, no point and kept it dry.So, this will

Friday morning, a wonderful big breakfast made by Midori, and it's time to pack up the bike and start heading south.The quintessential Mum - making sure I have something to eat on the road..  ;-)  I love it..Grandpa checks out the bike.I try my best to

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