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Sibirsky Extreme

The remaining 4 days were lovely and gorgeous.. I really enjoyed this wonderful break on the barge.. It was a nice easy going journey compared to the rugged, rigid shaking about on the bike.  For the most part uneventful, so I will just fill the rest

We had ridden 150 km from Tomtor and crossed the big river. Walter doesn’t tell me, but we actually still have a full day’s ride ahead of us.  It’s 3 or 4 in the afternoon by time we had crossed the river at Kyubeme and started

I’m coming!!  That little spot headlight down the road, is slow Sherri Jo!I’m slow, but I get there..  There are times where I can speed up, but I don’t get too crazy about it, as this road is completely un-maintained and unpredictable… There are serious hazards everywhere

After leaving the deserted town, it’s just a small hop to the turn off that officially begins the “Road of Bones”  Walter pulls off for a quick photo and all he says is “Now the hard part..”After the hundreds of kilometres on dirt roads, which is

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