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KTM's on the loose!  Petar and I have two different objectives.  He wants to continue his South American adventure by traveling through Bolivia.  I don't want to go back to Bolivia for anything, however it was the shortest distance for me to travel to renew my

I really needed to find a place to stay in Cusco where I could have my motorcycle with me.  Too many sleepless nights in the other place worrying about whether my bike survived another night 2 blocks away.  So after scouring the entire town, I found

The night after backtracking to Coroico, La Paz, and then north to Peru, we stayed the night on the border.  This is usually avoided, never a good choice to stay in a border town.  And it turned out to be the case again.  They are dirty,

Death Valley here we come!!Wait a minute! The road is closed..!!  (Screw that! ;-)  We've been on paved park roads long enough now..NO idea why the road is closed.. it's not going to snow anytime soon.  It's not water logged.. there's nobody around to ask, and

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