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Walter Colebatch

The last two posts have been one long desert road over four days and all I can say is the next two days were the same.  I rarely pulled the camera out as I just wanted to get to Copiapo and didn't see the point of

Time is nearly out.. I must get to England!  Another overnight ferry (I wish I kept count of the ferries on this trip!) to get across from Rotterdam Holland to Harwich England.. which as normal sails through the night and arrives very early in the morning

I could have stayed on the barge for more than 4 days.. the time went by so quickly for me.  I had an opportunity to catch up on my blogs, sort through photos.. I was working full time..There was only an opportunity for short little breaks

The remaining 4 days were lovely and gorgeous.. I really enjoyed this wonderful break on the barge.. It was a nice easy going journey compared to the rugged, rigid shaking about on the bike.  For the most part uneventful, so I will just fill the rest

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