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Costa Rica Part 1

Costa Rica Part 1

Border crossing time, again!  Leaving Nicaragua and entering Costa Rica!

I offer to do the first lot of paperwork for Nicaragua.

I had no idea somebody was taking a photo of me while following.  And he commented about ME taking photos while riding in the last post.. hmph!

One of my pet peeves about border crossings are the ones that want to spray my bike with chemicals. I usually argue that I don’t want it done and they let me through.

This time they were not going to let me through without spraying.  They do it while you’re on the bike and there is no way in heck I’m going to let them spray chemicals all over me and the bike. Without knowing what chemicals they are using I don’t want to breathe that stuff in.  Kevin kept laughing and asking me to let them spray.. No!  C’mon let them spray.. No! We’re not getting too far this day.

I lost this time and hid behind the bus while they sprayed.

This is not the office for Costa Rica that we need to go to!  Why it’s included is because we are always at a loss as to which office we need to see and where it is.

But we found THE greatest thing!!!  Kevin took this photo.  We are checking into Costa Rica aduana for the bikes, and this office has a b e a u t i f u l copy machine!!!  AND…. air conditioning!!  We are over the moon that not only can we wait for the paperwork process in cool comfort, we don’t have to go on the crazy search for the photocopy shop!!

Can’t help but to joke that we are loving Costa Rica already.. and you know the previous border crossings were bad news if we are already loving a country due to a photocopy machine!! 😉

I had been getting some good advice online from friend of a friend, David Grove.  He invited us to stay at his house once we got into Costa Rica.  Not too far past the border on the beach.  He teaches Kite Surfing as well as rides his motorcycle with his surf boards attached!

It is so pretty here.  We enjoyed meeting David, but the poor thing is so busy with his clients to teach kite surfing.  It’s the week between Christmas and New Years, so he’s flat out!

David was cool and told us to stay as long as we want.  But I felt guilty having him know he has house guests, when he has so much on his plate.

The one night we stayed there he gave us his room upstairs, and David slept on the couch downstairs.. Ooooo the guilt!!  During the night we heard a large thud, but hoped for the best.

When I got up the next morning, I saw the couch looked a bit rough!  What the heck happened?  David wasn’t there.  It’s only a little place, so it wasn’t hard to find him in a pod out the front door.

Yes, there’s a man in there!

Now I feel super duper guilty.  It was so kind of him to give up his room for us, but gee whiz, it looks like he’s been put in a cacoon by a supersize green spider!

He convinced me when he woke up that this hammock type sleeping tent is the most comfortable way to sleep outside.  I hope he was telling me the truth.

Kevin did his best to fix the wooden base of the couch before David got up (or out) of the cacoon.

David made us an awesome breakfast (more guilt as he needs to get to work early). We decided to pack up and leave David to have his room back.. 😉  Thanks again David, hope to see you at a better time! ;-)))

On the way out of the village where David lives, Kevin decides he really needs a machete.  He had gotten advice from David as to where the hardware store in town was.. He searched and picked the best machete he could find.  And what are you going to do with that thing again?  “Well, we need it for protection…. and coconuts!”  Okey dokey!

He also has a grand plan of us riding to a volano located more central in the country.  And of course picked the curviest ones he could see on the map to get there.

We came up on a lake that was gorgeous, but I’m not liking the looks of those clouds.  So now is a good opportunity to prepare for the rain.

We were not on the road very long and it started bucketing as you can imagine. We’re going through all the twisty slippery curves and Kevin spots a sign “Brewery”…  Shreeek!!  He stops so quick, and I’m like what the heck?  Because I didn’t see it.  He says he has a brilliant idea, let’s wait out the rain the brewery.  I’m like, that would be a great idea if we weren’t riding motorcycles today!  The rain doesn’t look to end anytime soon, it’s possible they have accommodation there too.

So we go in, and the most I agree to is a ‘tester’.

The more it rained and rained, we decided to go for the regular size.  We are not leaving here anytime soon.  They did have accommodation, but far too expensive.

We played pool, we talked to these kids who work in the peace corp.. and then there came the rainbow.  Kevin took this shot with the helmets.. very nice..

Our clue that we can get back on the road shortly.  This was the most beautiful bright never ending rainbow.

We make our way around to the other side of the lake.  However, you would never know it by the looks of the gps.  I think once I start selling motorcycles that you can ride across a lake like that, I’ll be rich..! Thanks for the idea Mr. Garmin! 😉

We then came up on this group of cars looking at these Costa Rican natives, called Coati. Coati Wikipedia

Very cute, but I’m getting ticked off at the tourists feeding them.  Don’t feed the wildlife!!  ;-(((

I’m going to have to leave this blog post short and sweet.  A lot more coming up in Costa Rica.


Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)

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