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Croatia Uglijan Island


Croatia Uglijan Island

Back on dry land from the ferry in Zadar, and after I said goodbye to Vanja’s Mom at the port, and WHILE I was walking to the garage to pick up my bike, I got a text message from Hari. “Are you back?  I want to show you my island.”  My eyebrow raises.. I’m thinking, Beware of men who want to show you their island... but I have spent enough time with him to know I can trust him…plus he is happily married and a son in school.  I did want to consider the weather and being early in the morning, should I keep on my mission to ride south today?  And then I thought “Hey!  I am in dag-gone Croatia!!  What an opportunity to see a Croatian Island!  Who cares if I am on schedule, today I will be off schedule and have a darn good time!” (Right… technically I don’t really have a schedule, I can do what I want when I want, but I’m just saying I had a plan in my head, and now it will change. Sherri Jo to go with the flow!)

Also consider that I have just spent the last 36 hours traveling virtually non-stop with ferry’s and trains, sailing through the night 2 nights in a row on ‘deck chair space’.  Needless to say, I am severely lacking in sleep.  So this way, I can be shown an island and not be riding a motorcycle along Croatian coastal roads with minimal rest.  Actually minimal rest and food.. I’ve only had one meal during the Italy marathon… granted it was a hugely divine Italian meal the Tuscan family treated me to, but that was ages ago..

Next text message was, “Can you fit your motorcycle in my little boat?  Before I can respond, another text.  “And I will pick you up on the water, in front of the man in the little red dinghy”  Eyebrow raise again..

So here comes my ride..

Nice idea, but he opts to ditch the KTM in the boat idea and put it in the far-too-hard basket for a day trip.. I’m glad.

Hari had asked me if I checked out the Sea Organ.  Click the link for more info.. but in a nutshell, the organ was built to make harmonic sounds as the water from the waves pass through the pipes.  You can see the slits in the marble along the sea steps.

I had heard of it, but didn’t see yet.. So we swing the boat around to the other side of the ferry I was on last night to see and “hear” it!  No big waves today, it wasn’t a musical chorus, but I heard very unique sounds.  A little bit eery actually.. I am sure it would be great to sit there on the steps when the waves and tide are ideal.

Next, a 15 minute ride to Hari’s Island… better known as Uglijan.  Pronouned ‘oogleeyan’.  Didn’t want anyone out there saying Ugly Jan, like I did.. ;-/  Couldn’t bear it! Especially since my Mom’s name is Jan and she was no where near ugly! First a stop into a tiny marina for the grocery.. and much needed food for both of us!

I love little island grocery, the best service!

Back in the boat for a ride to the little marina closest to Hari’s property.  The water is so clear and clean, with that beautiful turqouise blue due to all the limestone here.

Next a short walk home.. a little island hideaway home, and only 15 min from the city.  Easy! His wife and son are in Zagreb for a concert this weekend and this is his great little escape.  He explains to me he mostly lives out here in summer.  It’s so peaceful… have a swim and chill out.

Luckily, Hari’s neighbor let us borrow a car, and after lunch we took a spin around to see more of the island.

Have to admit, I am looking a bit rough after my mad dash to Italy and back, but for once, I don’t have to drive!!  Thank you Hari and Neighbor man!

He drives me to see the ruins of an old venetian fort.  There is a lot of history here from old Italy as well as from the Germans in WWII.  I love exploring these kind of places, but this one had a reality check..The true epitome of todays’ mix of modern times with history.  These ruins are home to a beautiful telecommunications tower!!  Yuk..!!  Don’t want to be a hypocrite, I use what these towers offer me daily, it was just a bummer to see it smack dab in the middle of this interesting place.

The tower is so ugly to look at. I wonder why they had to put it here. I am really hoping they have a darn good reason, and it was the only place they had to choose from??? ;-/

But!!  The views are beautiful..

This last one is a view back to Zadar.

We pass an old man on his daily walk to check on his olive trees. Hari stops to ‘shoot the bull’ with him, as men do…. It’s an island. Everybody knows everybody, of coarse!

And that concludes our Lukoran..  oops, I mean lookaround the beautiful Croatian island of Uglijan.  I think it’s really cool to see what life is like on the island.  And not as a typical tourist, but into the houses of neighbors and friends as we meandered through tiny villages.
Hari kindly sent over an email of his photo from my website showing the busy day.. 😉

Sorry..Nothing happening today with the motorcycle… I’ll be back on the road tomorrow to Split for sure! I am at the point in my journey that after 3 days, I really miss my BIKE!!  It’s like being separated from your best friend. Can’t wait to see the orange and black and ride again tomorrow.

By the time Hari and I return car to neighbor and get packed up, we take the boat in the dark back to Zadar.  I also need to find a place to sleep tonight, so I can get an early start on the road to Split.

Hari suggested Vanja’s mom again.. I said No Way, that poor lady has done enough for me already!  He feels certain that we should ring her.  I am embarrassed as all be, because I couldn’t ask her myself to do another thing.. But Hari called and said she is more than happy to have me for the night!  We go there, and I am ready to bury my face in my hands. She tells Hari in Croatian to tell me that it’s seriously no problem.  Vanja, her son, used to bring refugees from the Yugoslav wars home with him all the time, with no warning!~  And he’d bring like 10-15 people, give them food and a place to sleep in her one bedroom apartment… so surely she can manage to have me on the couch for the night!  Well, she sold me there, and another example of what wonderful people I encounter on this journey..  It’s been 3 days now since a decent sleep, and I went straight to bed.. but not without thinking how amazing it is I am sleeping in the same place that so many scared and desperate people from the war slept only a few years ago…wow..

See you next time!

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  • January 28, 2011

    Nice pictures, nice little island and very nice little lady 😉 I understand the feeling, you just want to get back on the bike and continue the journey. You find nice people everywhere, it's these stories that give me hope for this world 🙂

  • January 28, 2011

    Plenty of hope in this world George. I have met the most wonderful giving people in every single country so far.. Tip: Don't watch the news everyday. 😉


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