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Day 2 – Port Augusta to Wudinna

Day 2 – Port Augusta to Wudinna

Started off from Tina’s house, and went to fill up with fuel.  Really had to park my bike at the roadhouse like a moron, just to get the kick stand down.  But I got the job done, and got the Air freight express guy to help me hold the bike to get the kick stand back up.. boy did he have a funny story to tell!  (As I find nearly every time I stop for fuel!  I actually don’t think I have filled up without somebody coming over to talk to me!!… I think my bike is a man magnet… 😉

Now past Port Augusta, it’s off into the Outback.  I felt a bit queezy looking down that long stretch of road with red dirt.  Very scary at first to think, I’m going OUT THERE – ALONE!!!

I really was worried as all heck, but then that fear was overtaken with the fear of a Roadtrain trying to overtake me.  And the wind, wasn’t really bad, but enough for my 2nd day nerves…

I stopped at Iron Knob.  Iron Knob!!  I never stop there!  But glad I did..  Very quiet desperate mining town, so me and an old park bench had a gander..  Once I had my juice, I decided to tackle the next bit.

My goal was to get to Wudinna..  I knew there was nowhere I wanted to camp after that.. was a perfect place to stop.

As I was setting up my tent, a lovely couple pulled into the next site.  They remembered me, because on the road, I PASSED THEM!!  This is a big deal, because I am so slow.. for me to pass anybody is unheard of.  But they were going 75 mph, which is even slow for me.  (Now that I am currently in Margaret River, I can add that out of this whole trip I’ve passed a total of 2 vehicles… )

Just in case Mr. Sam is reading, he would be happy to know that I found myself speeding on the Nullabor, 113 KM/hr!!

Anyway, summary to Wudinna… a successful day complete..

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