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Day 8 – Bremer Bay to Walpole – 293 km


Day 8 – Bremer Bay to Walpole – 293 km

Up at 5 again.. It takes this long to get everything packed up and on the road again by 8 or 9!  (including more visits from fellow campers..)  Really nice man Derrick, who had been camping at Bremer Bay since a young boy… I love those stories!

Was listening to music on my ipod in the tent this morning, and it was “A Million Miles from Nowhere” Dwight Yoakam… “Blue Skies”  Willie Nelson, “Ghost Riders” Johnny Cash…  didn’t program those songs for the ride, but they were very relevant! Would be nice to work out how to listen to the music while I am riding…

Made my way into Albany for lunch.  I can’t say I knew much about Albany before but I was surprised how much it reminded me of Hobart Tasmania!

Interesting building being built on the shore..  I had a really great lunch here… Salad!  A nice welcome green meal!!  Been living on toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches at Roadhouses, or my tinned soup at night… good green was needed!

Wasn’t a bad day.. cloudy, little bits of rain, but no wind.  Yay!

Out of Albany and nearly to Denmark.. my right pannier fell off!!  It was such a bang and a noise, and the bike was weaving all over the place.  Thought I blew a tire!!  A man coming the other direction stopped…  I looked back at him, but I couldn’t park the bike on the hill, as usual!  Couldn’t get off the bike, couldn’t see the state of the tire… Looked back at the man and he was holding my pannier.. Oh gee whiz.. it wasn’t the tire at all!  I was shaking and nervous, and trying to move around too fast, but I got turned around and back to the man.  He offered to take the pannier into town and meet me there, after he finished at the tip.. That was a worry, as the pannier has my Apple laptop in it!  but what can ya do?

So I trusted him and went into town.. Found a park and took everything off in prep to re-attach the pannier.

He eventually showed up much to my relief.  And I figured out what had come loose that caused the problem.  Now I know what to watch out for and check everyday!

This threw me behind, and I hadn’t gone as far as I wanted.. even though it was 4 pm, and shouldn’t go farther due to Roo’s… I took my chances.  And not long after I decided this, out jumps a big ol’ roo in front of the school bus coming my way!  We both madly tried to stop, roo jumps in front of me, then swivels and jumps back in front of the bus..  we both stopped in time and roo was saved… Me and bus driver gave a thumbs up and carried on.

I know this was a sign, and I kept my eye out for a place to stop for the night… nothing really came up and I kept considering turning back to Denmark.. but didn’t..  I eventually made it to Walpole, very slowly just before sunset.. nervewracking.. and probably stupid, but arrived alive.

Camped at Coalmine Beach.. and really nice woodsy place.. woke up early for a little morning walk before I hit the road..

Didn’t stay long, but looks like a really serence place to visit…  better get back to pack up  the bike!

I had a friend watch every move I made while packing up…

 Mr. Kookaburra looked nice and warm!!  Once I finished strapping everything on the bike, he flew across the path to his mate.. And they both a big laugh as I took off.. “ooooo oooo ooo  ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh!!!!”  Right guys.. you can go join the biker gang…

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  • June 12, 2010

    Following your trip, SherriJo. Keep safe!Libby


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