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Day 9 – Walpole to Margaret River – 277 km

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Day 9 – Walpole to Margaret River – 277 km

Not much accomplished today…  after leaving Walpole, it was all forest.  Forest, Forest and more Forest… love love love the fresh air!!!  But!  Deep dark windy curves all day long!!  Very slow way to travel compared to the long straight roads I had gotten used to..

Wanted to check out Margaret River, had heard to much about it.. Again pulled into town just in time before sunset, found a really nice park and set up camp.

Too many people… too fussy and pretentious for me.. but the good news, I had my best meal to date!!

So happy to walk into the town hotel and got an absolutely big, gorgeous spinach salad with pumpkin, sundried tomato’s, pinenuts and cheese… mmmmmmmm!!!!  My body thanks me…  So good!

No photos to submit today…  not sure why, I think I just had “I’ve gotta get out of here” on my mind and didn’t think much about taking pictures… So, I’ve borrowed the his one from the travel website..

 wish I had taken a photo of that salad, I might like to refer to it when I am in Russia!!  Ha 😉

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