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Dubrovnik Croatia – Part 2


Dubrovnik Croatia – Part 2

Welcome back to wild and wooly Dubrovnik and my last Croatia post!  As mentioned before, I stay here for a few days because of the crazy weather.. so in my wanderings I took plenty photos..  How cool is it to park the bike here? Even after a few days, it still feels surreal to live inside those walls, I’m just loving it!

Views from my window.

Doesn’t look too bad, might head out for a walk around old town.

 I like the little soccer field in this one.. ingenuity. You gotta do what you gotta do…!

I wander outside the city walls to check on my bike.. again..can’t help it! 😉

I made my way around the outside perimeter.  Not long after, a storm front just blasted through seems like out of nowhere, but if I was paying attention I probably would have seen it coming..

First, I noticed the leaves blowing crazy across the road and then the wind front hit me too.. everybody was running.

I ran as well through the fierceness, as I don’t travel with an umbrella so I’m getting a bit extra blasted..

Back in my little 2nd floor homelette soaking wet, I make a hot cup of tea and continue to watch people squander from my window.  Really dark clouds rolled in and lighting got crazy.

Then came the Big Bang.. felt and sounded like lightning hit the building.. I screamed.. and lights out!

Easy to see which buildings have emergency back up.. a few! Completely dark in my place, I am manicaly ruffling around in my gear blindly with my hands trying to find my flashlight.  I get ticked off when I should have known better and had it out already.


 To compare with normal street lighting.. which resumed about 10 minutes later..

The 2nd story window with the shutters open on the far left of photo is my place.

Okay, another day, try this again..

More wandering at night.. First a quick check of my little bike tucked away under cover.

Traditional Christmas window decoration..

And back to my little green door…

It’s finally time to get back on the bike to Split to catch my ferry to Ancona Italy.. I’ve enjoyed my Dubrovnik rain season hideaway.. and big special thanks to Dino for allowing me to stay in his property. It was a real treat..!

I don’t mind that it’s not summer or tourist season. Dealing with the rain is all part of the fun for me, and I go with the flow.. I love to experience nice weather like anyone else, but I also like the variety and challenges that come along with winter weather.  I think I got to know Croatia even more because of the rain, as I got to spend more time than I intended with the people and the culture.  I love that!

So long for now, Dubronvik!

On the way out, I see the effects of flooding in the growing fields..

Yes, this is the highway out of town, hopefully a better choice this time! But not the sort of highway I expected..

Aha, now I see, it’s a work in progress..

Now, this looks more like it!  Even better, I get the road to myself.. nice!!  I think I’ve covered it in Croatia.. coastal roads, mountain roads and now the highway..

Croatian weather Gods treated me well on my last day in the country. Here is the last bit of sun (I’ll take every little bit I can get!) before I pull in to Split.. where I meet Rakela and Dino for a farewell tea, and board the ferry.

Ogroman hvala moj novi hrvatski prijatelji! Imao sam najbolje iskustvo u svojoj zemlji zbog vas! Vi otišli tako daleko šire se podržavaju. Ne bih nikada očekuje toliko gostoprimstvo i ja sam tako sretan da su se susreli sve vas.

Next stop… Italy!!

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  • February 18, 2011

    You took amazingly beautiful photos, beautiful city. Love the night shots. Can't wait for Italy.


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