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Exploring the coolest town of Guanajuato MEXICO!

Exploring the coolest town of Guanajuato MEXICO!

Guanajuato was a pleasant surprise to see in the morning!!!  How gorgeous are the colors here!!

Little did we know that this town is all about color.  Unlike any place I’ve been before…..

I’m not sure where to start with this town, there is so much to show.  We went for breakfast, and it was a no brainer that we should stay longer than one night.   This is a very enchanting place!!!

There’s this cool little coffee bar, which he haven’t seen in any other towns yet.  Kevin likes his “cafe con leche”.  Both he and James are still a bit new to Spanish.. I’m not that good at it, but I help them order as much as I can…

What you lookin’ at Buster Brown?? 😉

There won’t be any motorcycle riding photos in this post. We spend the whole day out just exploring this very cool town.  There is plenty of fun riding in Guanajuato though! Check out James video version of this post riding our motorcycles in the links below.

I’ll start with the street art.. what? Not going to carry on about street food??  Nope, the art.  It’s SO impressive.

It’s spread around many streets and I might as well take you on a walk with us!

Kids and adults are doing their thing..  it seems to be a pretty much free for all.  I am most impressed with the community spirit and dedication to each piece. 

This is one of my favorites….

They have sculptured art here as well.  I’m sure this is a very important person for Mexico.  But if they wanted me to know how important, they shouldn’t have done this!

 A good walk around deserves a good ice cream, yes???

James is so kind, he tries to share ice cream with Don Quixote.. who seems to have his mind elsewhere regardless of James attempts to give.  Who is Don Quixote?

OK.. more street art.. Hope this doesn’t bore you.  Maybe better seen in person?  I just love it and I don’t consider myself ‘artsy”.

This is totally what I feel like sometimes.. 


Finished product.. good job…. awesome job!!

 It’s a Kevin photo of James and I taking a photo.. 😉 

You will see us ride over these art works on our bikes in James video  We couldn’t help it!  Motorcycles need sidewalks too!! (??)  Gee whiz, I just had a look at the video again, and do I still feel guilty about riding over their hard work!

OK, now for some street art of the living kind.
I’m thinking ‘Sherri Jo’ on walking sticks and dancing is in my future.. looks like fun! But I’m a bit concerned this guy is going to give that lady the karate chop.

This was a woman outside a church, doting over her gorgeous baby.  Maybe going in for a Christening as they were all dressed in their Sunday best.

The poor woman below is outside a different church. Two different worlds, same smile for their baby.


Hmmmm… Lost??  No…. Maybe??
We manage to find our way up the hill.  We found out about this little tram, we don’t want to miss anything on our totally dedicated Guanajuato day!!

Our noses direct us around up here.. Who needs a map!!???

Is this the most beautiful Mexican food you’ve ever seen???

I really wish all cities and towns were this colorful.. Truly, it seems the color of the buildings bleeds into the lifestyle thoroughly.  I’ve been so much throughout the world in the last couple of years and never have I been this impressed with colorful bright happy culture.  This is on my list of to places I would like to live now.

Back down the hill.. and somebody suggests it’s time for a beer… who would do that??

The boys suggest I have a look inside this bar.  I don’t get it.. they are laughing.  They said it’s got a urinal right inside the door.  Serious!!??


James is still trying to make friends with Don Quixote since he didn’t have any luck accepting the ice cream.  I’m not sure this attempt is any more effective, but love his persistence! ;-))

That’ll do for our day around my still favorite Guanajuato Mexico.  I could show a zillion more photos.. but would be good to get back on the road toward Mexico City.  I can not tell you how many times in the countries following Mexico that Kevin and I talked about Guanajuato being our favorite town on the journey so far in the Americas.

James has made the greatest video of us riding our motorcycles around these crazy Guanajuato streets including the ride through the tunnels !!  This is one of my ALL TIME favorite videos he has made.
Riding our motorcycles through Guanajuato Mexico

Hope you enjoy and THANKS so much, James!!!!

Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)


  • June 21, 2012

    Sherri Jo! I love your blog! Totally following everything you are doing. It was so great to meet you last month at Diego's house in Pisac. You are such an inspiring person and I hope that your future travels treat you well. Scott Montgomery

  • June 22, 2012

    Hi Scott.. you found it! and thank you! Where are you now?


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