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Fin de Costa Rica – Life is a beach in Puerto Viejo! ;-)

Fin de Costa Rica – Life is a beach in Puerto Viejo! ;-)

Costa Rica has been a super fun country to visit let alone ride through by motorcycle.  We are loving the Caribbean side of the country so much that we decide to park it for a couple days.  When we arrived Puerto Viejo in the south, we managed to “live the dream” and set up camp in our own little hut on the beach.  I have always wanted to do this!! ;-)))

Kevin found the place.. and guess what!  It has not only 1, but 2 hammocks!!  Score for the hammock man!

First up, is a wander with sarongs in hand to the best spot on the beach we can find… yet close enough to town to grab cold beers when needed.. 😉

It was easy to be totally entertained by this local girl.. such a character!

After the games were finished, her Dad ordered a back massage.

I guess it was easy to be entertained in general by the looks of the amount of beers we consumed.

I love dogs, and this guy came up to me slowly on the beach.  We didn’t have any food, only beer, so I’m not sure he was begging, just friendly and shakes my hand.

So much like my own dog, he slowly and sneakily found a way to be my best friend so he can sit on my sarong.  Kevin must have shown me the photo below a million times.  It made him laugh so much.  I guess to be clear, Kev enjoyed telling me often that this is certainly a boy dog..  And since I know he loved the photo so much, it embarrassingly gets to be included in the blog.

We stayed on the beach until the sun went down.. we were just too comfortable to go any time sooner.

Being that we have our own little house, we get super excited to make our own meal!  We went to the small grocery store, and with eyes far too big for our stomachs we bought a heap of food to cook tonight.  Then on our way back to the hut we discovered this little fish shop that sells ceviche.. That is a must.. and last stop, a bottle of wine..  I have mentioned before that I love my life?!? ;-)))

What do you do when you stop for a couple days in your own little house.. laundry of course!!! Kevin entertains the daughter of the property manager with his Kindle.  Too cute! It was funny to see her interest because he was reading quite a technical book at the time that even he was finding hard to pay attention to. (and I love her shoes.. 😉

As much as I love this place, I had one big worry.  Remember the dodgey water contraption I showed in the last posts shower?  The one here actually did catch on fire WHILE I was taking a shower.  That was really scary.  It was warm enough outside, so I was happy to have a cold shower.  But gee whiz, who invented those things?!

Later on we take a ride on the bikes to explore a bit.

Stopped into the Jaguar Rescue Center.  Luckily Kevin loves animals as much as I do, so it was an easy choice place to stop. Since I have been involved with the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana for many years, I was quite excited to see the Jaguars!

Turns out they don’t have any.  But they have a great variety of many other species here and a great team of volunteers.

As soon as I arrived I got kisses..!!!

I’ll quickly run through some of the highlights.

I’ve been in several countries now, but sloths are new to me.  And I love this guy so much because he makes the same face I do.. 😉

And this baby totally blows my mind.. I do think I first saw it in Star Wars.. ;-)))

It’s called the Brown Throated 3 toed Sloth.. creative name! ;-/

Another favorite is the Red Eyed Tree Frog.

 Spot the frog

So cute.. I’ve never loved a frog so much!

Lastly we get to hold a monkey.  This was the second monkey the volunteer chose.  They seem content to be held in their enclosures by people they know, but it’s clear they are not keen to be held by strangers in the yard.  I felt bad for the little guys, but still hoped it would calm down when I held it.

What was cool but not explained to us is this sign in the park. Glad to see the Australians giving help to what is clearly becoming an over-developed environment. Hence, the greater need to help the native animals.. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!!


The one cat in the park is a Margay (I thought it was an Ocelot).  Native to both Central and South America. The Margay is smaller than the ocelot and spends most of his life on trees. It is the best climber of the wild cats because its ankle joints permit to rotate its foot through 180 degrees. It supposedly can move around treetops similar to a squirrel.

The reason the Jaguar Rescue Center does not have a jaguar?? The volunteers tell us that the directors are not locally from Costa Rica and they thought the Margay was a baby jaguar.

Regardless if you need to see a jaguar or not, it’s a great place to visit and see up close many other rescued locals and learn more about Costa Rica in general.

Lunch was divine on the coast.  I really like it here, so comfortable.

Later on I need to get to the doctor actually.  I had a couple cuts from the day we swam in the ocean in Nicaragua.  I’ve kept a band-aid on it, but I have been noticing this red line coming out of the wound and moving up my foot.

A wonderful doctor who spoke good English explained that I absolutely have to take an antibiotic for this parasite.

The next morning we say good-bye to our beautiful life on the beach..  and we’re off to cross the border to Panama!!  Hasta lluego!! 😉

Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)

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