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Galapagos Islands – Part 6

Galapagos Islands – Part 6

Welcome to Galapagos sea urchin surgery!

Remember a couple days back while snorkeling, Kevin backed in to some sea urchins underwater and got lots of little purple tattoos on his lower back. He hasn’t been much bothered by them, until now.  I talked to the ship host who knows this problem well and said that it is VERY important that we get the little urchin tips out so they don’t cause infection.

He gave me instructions that included hot candle wax and a sterilized pin tip.  We borrowed the candle from the dining room, I had a pin and off I went for pretend urchin surgery.

I’m quite enjoying pouring hot wax on Kevin! He didn’t scream… much! 😉  Seriously, the job was to pour a drop of wax over the wound (of which there are 17 in total) and the heat will pull the little urchin tip to the surface if not completely out into the wax.

I don’t see them easily.  With the purple dots on Kevin’s skin I expected to see black or purple urchin tips but they were actually more clear/white.  So I called in the host to make sure I was doing it right and he laughed and said yes, and then took over the job.. thank goodness!

I used Kevin’s little camping lantern to give the doctor more light AND I kept the the hot wax pouring job for fun.. ha! Our host made sure each and every one of the 17 tips was free.

Besides the fact he thought I got a bit carried away with the wax, Kevin was a much happier man when we finished.

The next morning is another location and another day to explore a bit more of the Galapagos before we start heading back to the port.

It’s a rain day!!

What’s on the menu for Galapagos today?

I first spotted these 2 birds watching out to sea and chatting away, and I imagine them saying:  “Can you believe this weather, Marge..” Not really…

“Hmmm. I think I’ll hold off fishing for a bit.  Hey Marge.. Iguana hear a joke?’  “Sure!!”

At a fancy Halloween dress ball, a couple arrived with the woman on the man’s back.

“What have you come as?” asked the hostess.

“I’m a tortoise,” said the man.

“A tortoise?” she asked.

“Yes. My name is Tom, and this is Michelle.”

Hahahaha…. !!

“Hey Bertie.. I’ve got one..  

Why did the tortoise cross the road? Don’t know, why?

To get to the Shell station!”

Ha! Cawcawcaw… That’s pretty bad, Bertie… 😉

One thing I did not expect to see in the Galapagos Islands is graffiti.. ;-((

These guys are not too happy about it either.. damn foreigners!!

We did another hike to the high view point and the weather is clearing a bit along the way.

Lava cactus on the way down and a wiggle through the iguanas to get catch the dingy back to the boat.

Hola!! Welcome home!!

After lunch, Kevin and I decided to head out in the kayak.

We joined some of the others who had found a school (?) of sea lions to swim with.. how fun!

Kevin’s looking down at the sea lions.  I’m looking at how close he is to the wall.. and penguins!

I like this photo of Kevin.  There is actually a sea lion here, you just can’t see it very well.  What I like about it is his magic aura!!

And some sea turtles slowly and majestically swim by…

Who are you??  When in Rome…  He’s doing as the sea lions do… ;-)))

The most beautiful starfish I’ve ever seen.  I loved the chocolate chip one from a couple posts back, but this one is amazing too.

Loving these guys..

We ended up taking more video from here than still photos of us playing and twirling around with the sea lions for a super long time.  The video didn’t come out very clear, and where I am the internet is far too slow to upload, but it was SO much fun!

This is called “Darwin’s Toilet”.  Can you guess why in the next 3 photos?

I’m enjoying today.  Not so much about education, just to go slowly and hang with the locals.

There is so much to wonder about, in this wonderful lazy world….

Aussie-American girl and Czech girl discussing how much we love Ecuador!

Is this the cutest baby you’ve ever seen??

We have been joking around all day, but about now Kevin and I got in a fight.. proper trying to trip each other and wrestling in the sand. And before I knew it, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and I landed on my back in the sand, like the wrestlers do! I was screaming but also amazed, because I am not a little person!!  The guests on the beach didn’t know what to make of it until I was laughing and then he was tickling and poking me in my side trying to make up for it.  That sucker is always full of surprises!

That’s a frigate awesome photo Kevin!  Bird taking off from the radar of the boat, another good one by Kev.

Loving today’s towel formation.  Shower done and on to the back deck because it’s beer-0-clock!

Still in a goofball mood…crazy man. Payback is coming.  Remember to expect it when you least expect it, buster brown… Hasta manana!!

Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)

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