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Haines Junction and Alaska Highway – warning lots of photos!!


Haines Junction and Alaska Highway – warning lots of photos!!

Finding a place to sleep tonight was a bit challenging as normal.  Again the majority of places are closed.  I found a campground that looks open, I went in to have a look.

It was open if you have a hard shell camper.. which I do not!  Followed through the place to see what I might be missing and urgh.. I want to stay.  There wasn’t another soul in the campground, otherwise I might have attempted.  Camping with bears around is something I have been doing for weeks now.  I wouldn’t want to do something stupid, however I think it would have been a top spot.

I did eventually find an organized campground, where a handful of the last of the season super size American and Canadian RV’s stopped.  I was the only tent, and the owners did have a bear kill their little dog recently, however, with the running of the generator and a research team with a helicopter here the last few days, the noise has kept the bears away.  I felt safe, sorry about little Fido.. ;-(

Lots of miles to cover today, so I’m packed up and on the road early.. can you tell? 😉

Can’t help but want to share one of the most important parts of my day.. finding a toilet!  I’m still very much in bear country and happy to pull over and do the road side thing.. but it’s nice to come across one of these from time to time and not have to go while keeping an eye over your shoulder and then jumping back on the bike far too quickly!

I also got a kick out of the sign posted way out here in the middle of nowhere.. reserved parking..  fair enough!  Somebody however, mustn’t think so… this sign has been shot at a few times!

This day turns into an amazing day of diverse landscape.. I had no idea what was coming up!

Views as I get around the bottom side are stunning!  Not like the first bits were, just differently stunning!

Not far from Kluane Lake is Haines Junction.  Currently traveling through the Yukon Territory in Canada, a turn onto the Haines Highway will take me down to the inside passage town of Haines Alaska.  My plan here is to take a ferry (the poor man’s cruise) through the inside passage as far too many people told me I must.

Anyway, the highway is about 244 km (152 mi) long, of which 72 km (45 mi) is in Alaska.

I know.. there are too many photos here.. but I couldn’t pick!!  Hope you enjoy this little drive down the road in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen on the planet.

This place is crazy beautiful!!!

Moving closer to Haines.. and.. Landscape change! I saw the clouds thickening, and the road change a bit… but it really didn’t take long from those fall colors and moutain ranges turn into a ride that felt super remote to me.

Until I spotted this teepee.. at least it’s good to know somebody’s out here.. was feeling rather eery really…!

Not to mention with these dark gray clouds was some serious wind…

Hopefully you can sense with the photo below that it was a wee bit chilly.

A very long cold lonely Yukon road, but a most intriguing one none-the-same…  it’s still amazing me that this is the same ride on the same day that I just came through the lake area and the Kluane Park show of mountains and colors!  So if you want variety in your ride.. pick this road! 😉

Looks to me like that river below was carved neatly out by a glacier.

The road raised in elevation to 1,065m/3,493ft. It was such a gradual increase, I was wondering what was going on with the lack of trees and cold air.  Another great use for the gps.. with nobody around I can ask.. “Mr. Zumo, how high are we now?”  😉

Not long after, I see a bit of green as I’m coming out of the high elevation clouds..

Welcome to Haines Alaska!

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  • January 4, 2012

    Its great to see you writing again….thought you may have met Mr Right and gotten married……planning this trip the end of May then on to Central & South America in Sept… will be following your story and looking for do's and don'ts…Again thankyou for allowing us to tag along…Best WishesBob

  • January 5, 2012

    You are an inspiration, Sherri Jo. I am riding my vstrom 650 up that-a-way next summer, and plan to ride down to Haines. Hopefully, from there, I will be able to catch the ferry down to Juneau and Glacier Bay. I am eager to see what you do next from Haines. I've read all your posts, by the way, from Australia, through Siberia. . . . It has been fun following you. Ron Youngs

  • January 5, 2012

    Great post Sherri Jo! Growing up in Alaska and going to high school and college in the "lower 48", I drove the Alaska hwy dozens of times, and the area around Kluane Lake was always my favorite. You could add more pictures & it wouldn't be too much. :-)-Mark

  • January 6, 2012

    Now I know for sure that I have to go to Alaska in the next future!

  • January 10, 2012

    Many years ago, I went with my motorcycle to Homer, the Sourth of Alaska.If you can, You will see very nice place.Huggsss.v.


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