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I found a Koala in Tuscany Italy!


I found a Koala in Tuscany Italy!

A pretty sorry looking one at that… really stands out though here in Tuscany.

One last post to wrap up my time in Italy..

How much will  I miss the comforts of a home!??  A washing machine, a kitchen, a warm bed that I don’t have to search for at night, so many things I love about home..  So here is a little bit of the last days of my life Tuscany before I resume this journey… sometimes wondering if I want to start this again by leaving my comforts – so nervous but excited about the countries coming up…so yes!

Castle walls Monteriggione

I’ve been here long enough and I’ve been passing these places or having a wander through (and making up my own stories about what I see)  But I took one last Artviva Best of Tuscany tour, and now understand so many interesting things!

San Gimignano tower houses were usually built by wealthier families for protection against the bad guys.. but you can click on the orange links to learn heaps more..  There are currently 17 towers here, but there were originally 72!  They built wood scaffolding between them to get around without having to  go downstairs in troubled times… would be so interesting to go back in time and see how they did.


Tea break, San Gimignano

Okay, it’s freezing cold today, tea is nice but I’m in a region where we can do something more…. let’s change that to a wine break 😉

 Chianti of coarse!

Vernaccia wine… gotta try it!  Really don’t think I have before… can I taste that again to be sure I like it?!

I have really come to know wine more from living in South Australia.. and to be able to really get to “know” Italian wines from Tuscany from the vineyards all around me, is something I think everyone should take time to “study”!  And of coarse taking the Artviva Best of Tuscany tour brought everything even more to life for me, just to have so much of the details explained in a really fun way.  I feel like I can ride away from Tuscany knowing that I had a full experience of this part of the planet.. it’s as charming as you can imagine or see here, and the history… gee whiz!!

Italian birthday..beautiful life..

Spring is finally here and it’s time to make a move…

My little polar bear, Lilly and I enjoyed so many winter walks together..  sometimes checking in on the properties’ graveyard.. the more the flowers, the sweeter they must have been?

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  • March 24, 2011

    So sweet…when I left this area I told myself I'll be back one day. Now I am more than sure…TAKE CARE!

  • March 24, 2011

    That picture taken from the kitchen says so much. Torn between two worlds :-)thanks for sharing,Peter

  • March 26, 2011

    The picture of your bike on the side of the road says it all, time to continue the adventure :-)The pictures you take will leave lasting memories, they are beautiful. I feel for you having to leave such a nice place but I'm sure you will find other amazing places and I can't wait to see what's next 😉

  • March 29, 2011

    My dog does the same exact thing Lily does. I was recently watching a documentary about dogs, and they really do have a unique connection with people. This is simply one of the many ways they exhibit that bond. Now having said that, I can't wait to see the next stage of your epic journey!


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