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Lena River BARGE Russia PART 2


Lena River BARGE Russia PART 2

The remaining 4 days were lovely and gorgeous.. I really enjoyed this wonderful break on the barge.. It was a nice easy going journey compared to the rugged, rigid shaking about on the bike.  For the most part uneventful, so I will just fill the rest of this blog up with photos..  Hope you enjoy.. I had mentioned on facebook and not able to express in a picture the smell of Siberian summer on a barge.  The abundant pine trees, and fresh cold flowing water… especially at dawn and dusk .. wish I could bottle that smell and take it home with me!  I will always remember it though.

Fog every morning, moon every night – Siberian Magic!

This guy was such a character!  And he loves having his photo taken!
                                            Sunset and moonrise…together

Still my only wildlife spotted so far.. horses again, but still happy to see them!

Logging industry, I have since found out is owned by the Chinese…

They ask if I have children.. I say “Niyet”.. They ask if I would like to have Russian baby?  “Niyet Spasiba”.. my clue to keep wandering the barge…

There’s the port coming up – Ust Kut!

Walter tells me it’s the first bridge crossing in over 3700 km of river!  I love all the facts and figures I get from my Siberian Encyclopedia traveling mate. 
We get ready to charge off the boat – one very stir crazy Mr. Colebatch wants to ride!

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