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Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta MEXICO

Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta MEXICO

From Mazatlan we ride to Puerto Vallarta, about 450 km.  I had it in my head to get to this town as Puerto Vallarta was a favorite for me when I was young and escaping Indiana for spring break.

We traveled down the coast of Mexico, but it’s not like really traveling down the coast.. no views.  You win some, you lose some.

The ride was pretty uneventful.. not many photos to show.. just highway and farm land.

Lunch was kind of fun though!  We were bored on the main road and even though we were warned to stick to it as the back roads could be dangerous for the bad guys, we decided to give it a go out of necessity for a change in scenery!  (we had a quick chat about it and none of us were worried.. we’ve been in the country long enough to feel that we are plenty safe).

So we stop for lunch in this little town off the beaten track and we choose street food again.. still the best really!  Some spicy tacos going around, no quesadillas this time.  And the shy children that have been watching us eat are getting closer.. and closer…

The kids are so curious!!

I can’t help but to laugh every single time I see this photo of Kevin.. that face he is making!  Those of you who know Kevin know that he ALWAYS has the best smile.  I think the hot sauce he’s been putting on his tacos got up his nose..! So funny… to me anyway!! ;-)))

The girls are brave enough to get close to our table. But the young boys are still shy. However, you can see their total interest and focus on the big motorcycles.

Again.. do these people look dangerous!?   Don’t get off the beaten track for safety?  I’d rather be here with them.  They were so excited to talk to us, explain the food to us.. super nice people.  I really love Mexico…

And the Mexican’s really love Patrick!  The children were in awe of this super tall blonde man from Canada.

I was told of a place to stay outside of Puerto Vallarta.  It was nice, but none of us were really in to it.  The next morning, Kevin made plans to meet with a Canadian friend who is running a hotel super close to here.  We found the guy and left them to catch up a bit.  Once they were done, we went to lunch.. I know, we are so slow!!!

Despite the look on my face, this was a fantastic lunch!  You know I love my street food, but this one won me over..

What I can do is give credit of that face to the dreadful margaritas the same place served.  They put the salt around the glass, but I think the entire drink was just salt..  

Mojito – YES!  Salty Margarita – Noooooo

While we were having lunch, we spotted this guy checking out our bikes..  and 15 minutes later, he came back around again.. just to have another look.  (He doesn’t realize we are just above watching every move HE makes.. )

We decided during lunch that we really like it here and not really interested to go into Puerto Vallarta as planned. We are enjoying the lunch spot in Sayulita.  It was deserving of a kick back and another drink.  So we decided to check out a place to stay, park the bikes and turn it into a rest day. 

We found a top spot, a great room that fits all of us and a hotel owner that’s willing to let us park the bikes inside.. cool!

I love the place we found!  So cheap, big enough room for all of us. Clean, good looking, 2 feet from the beach.. perfect!

 We are not here to hang out in the room.. it’s beach time!!

This is becoming less like a motorcycle adventure and more like a great holiday.  I’m not complaining!  I have been moving so fast for so many months through Europe, mad dash to Canada, across America, Yukon, Alaska and down.. with very little room to take a breath. So this is a VERY welcome change of pace for me.  And I can’t think of a better place to slow down than west coast of Mexico.. I loved it as a kid and I still do!

Quick shower and out the door for the night!

We found a very Mexican outdoor party.  The band, the beer, the dancing.. I’m not sure what the event was, but it was happening!

Patrick and I with blondish hair definitely stand out from the crowd. There are no other tourists at all.  As with any culture, it’s just fun to see what they do different.  The food they eat, the way they dance.. really cool!  However,  I think we are all up to check out more of the night life in town.

I learned while in Sayulita, that it has sort of become what Puerto Vallarta used to be.  They tell me that Puerto Vallarta has grown heaps since I was there last and has become really run down.  Haven’t been yet. But if it’s true, I can tell by Sayulita that it does remind me of the old days in PV and glad we chose to stay.

I wonder why they want you to vote for the Pineapple! Compared to US or Australian politics, Mexico might be on to something here! ;-)))
James and Kevin discovered something amazing in town.  Beer flavored milkshakes.. Yuk!  They got me one too, and then continued to convince me I’d like it.  It wasn’t as totally horrible as it sounds, but it wasn’t good either.  We carried those funny milkshakes into the bar, and without even finishing, I got right into the mojitos.  I’ll stick to the drink that works!

 OK… next pub!!

James and Kev happy snap, while I’m chatting in Spanish to Bob Marley in the background. 😉

Fun fun night..

Moving a bit slow the next morning.. what time is it??

 Awww, man… packing again.  Can’t we stay a bit longer????

We actually do have a mission today.  Patrick is still having trouble with that automatic oil lube as well as his carburetor. We asked around and there seems to be a mechanic in Puerto Vallarta. We need to pass through PV anyway so we watched the road to find the motorcycle shop.  It happens to be a Harley shop and Patrick is on Suzuki, but hopefully they can help.

 The mechanic arrives… in his chariot!  Nice… but where’s the bike!?

So, can you fix it??  ALL eyes are on you buddy! 😉


Sounds promising.. so we all find ways to entertain ourselves while we wait in the Harley shop. 


Patrick is most intrigued by a motorized skateboard thingy??

The Harley mechanic did well with Patrick’s Suzuki, and we were on the road after a very hot couple of hours.

See ya!
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