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Mongolia Trail Ride – part 2


Mongolia Trail Ride – part 2

 Sunrise in Olgii Mongolia

I didn’t get much sleep that night in my little guesthouse. It was certainly quiet enough around there!

But what kept me awake was the thought that tomorrow I ride through rough dirt tracks by myself. What if I have to cross water, and I fall over. How will I pick the bike up.. Or what if I fall over anywhere for that matter? Will it be too sandy? There’s no traffic out there, will I have enough food if I get stuck? I thought of a million reasons why I can’t do this alone.. tossing and turning, it’s stupid. If I get into trouble, that is exactly what anybody else would say.. “Sherri, that was a really stupid thing to do alone”. My argument with myself on the other hand was.. But this is “Sherri Jo’s BECAUSE I CAN World tour”!!! Of coarse I can do it! Most of this trip has been full of things I don’t think I can do, but I manage to do it anyway! But it’s too scary.. but what if it’s not… are you going to be a coward and miss out on one of the main reasons for being in this part of the world??

What finally allowed me to go to sleep was 2 ideas 1) What if I found a tour guide in town in the morning and paid him/her to follow me (silly for sure, but I am trying any idea at this point) OR 2) Maybe I can just try part of the track, and if it’s too much, then I can always turn around and come back. Okay, that did it, I slept until 3 or 4 AM.. then woke up worrying again. Got my head torch out and found my way to the little outside hole in the ground (toilet). Built just barely high enough too..

The track Walter mapped out for me was about 220 kilometers. Not a big trip on a road, but a long day if it’s a bit rough.

So I packed up at first light and went into town.

I was hoping to find a shop open to get some food. The only thing I have is 1 candy bar. It was too early, no shops open and I’m not willing to wait over an hour for them. So I head out on my own, with 1 candy bar. I can see it now, just like in the movies.. Woman is lost in Mongolia and survives for 40 days on a candy bar. Ha!

It really was another stupid thing to do, to go out there with no food.. but I’m good at making bad decisions, and took my bike to the beginning of the dirt track and stopped. Then I go.. and it’s not too bad. So I go a bit farther, and it’s down right gorgeous! (the landscape, not the track)

I get sucked in further and further and it’s just so pretty I forget my worries.

Okay, this track is much easier than I imagined it to be.

I can’t help but to stop and take photos. I have to be careful though if I am to get through this day in time. Would not be nice to be caught out here in the dark and it’s getting dark quite early now.
Good! There is some traffic!! Horses, camels, doesn’t matter to me. It just feels better knowing that there are people out here.. just in case! In my imagination, I had convinced myself that I would be the only person out there. Logically? Silly, but those were my fears making up stories.

(These were women riders going to the creek for a wash or bath). Didn’t even try to be rude enough to ask for a photo when I got close to them. But imagine if that was your lifestyle. Grab the girls, get on a horse and ride to the nearest running water for a clean. Plus that water would be soooo cold! I claim to be a fan of modern plumbing, however I do respect seeing how other people live first hand. This is why I travel around the world. (well one of the reasons)

And then! I came across this guy! Heck, there are plenty of people out here. I spent hours worrying about nothing.

I’m sure they have long days out there with a herd of goats, but I think it’s cool to be able to spend your day with your best mates… an Eagle and your horse. Would be complete for me if he had a dog too…

How do I manage to arrive at the exact part of the road where the cows are crossing, no matter which country I am in! Okay these are the most beautiful cows I have ever seen..Yaks! Was just reading on internet that most Yaks are crossbred with cows..either way, they are very good looking.

Of coarse it’s a majestic landscape, but these animals add to that element so much. To watch them slowly walk across the road with that gorgeous fur swaying in the wind.. just beautiful!
I’m seeing it all today!!

Shonky self photo – it’s a blogging rule to put in the worst one you can find from time to time 😉

I’m nearly half way now. Clouds are getting thicker and the cold wind has picked up.. I wonder if it might snow?! Better get a move on..

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  • October 24, 2010

    Impressive, very impressive. I hope you made it alright with only that chocolate to keep you sustained. Very beautiful country, I envy what you're up to greatly.BradyBehind Bars – Motorcycles and Life


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