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Montenegro Part 3


Montenegro Part 3

I’ve had two nights here and that’s long enough to enjoy the generosity of anyone’s time and home.. but Blazo was just adamant that he has more of Montenegro to show me and I must stay longer.. I am so grateful and I feel guilty for him to take time off of work.. Convincing me that there is no trouble with work, I reluctantly agreed – ha!!  I get to pick, do I want to see more coast or mountains?  Mmm, I think I’m in the mood for mountains today.. 😉

Hey Hey.. still plenty of snow!

This is cool, and so beautiful, we made the right choice added with perfect weather! Really lucky to be here.

With another hobby to his credits, Blazo is a keen skiier, and shows me his favorite weekend hangout during winter.  He tells me coming in May, every year, he takes a drive to the beach for a swim and then heads up to the mountains to ski on the same day… because HE can!

Ooooooh, is it slippery??  Not at all..

Another popular stop in the mountains is Crno Lake (Black Lake)  Just beautiful country.. again, I originally didn’t know where Montenegro was so I didn’t have any expectations.  But this is an amazing place and I’m surprised I don’t hear more about it as a travel destination!

The rock slides are a problem on these roads.. we got stopped for a while as they bulldoze huge boulders  out of the way.. Blazo says he’s been hit by a large rock in the chest while riding through here..

Also for this country of extreme sports is bungy jump from this bridge at Djurdjevica Tara.

No way, Jose.. no bungy for me.. I’m happy to look at it from here 😉

Now time for lunch.. yay!  Always look forward to this part of the day..

Small country, he knows everybody and we stop in for a late lunch to Zlatni Papagaj (Golden Parrot in English) and were fed very well at no charge by Blazo’s good friend, Vladan Zugic.  What a great guy and how lucky we are, because this meal was huge and really good!  There is no way I got through this meal.. including the soup they served prior to this big plate!  The little top left plate is cheese (I thought it was butter ;-), really good, and the right top plate is cabbage salad, the pasta has mushrooms just pulled from the forest.. Thank you Vako!

I think we’ve had a very fulfilling day.. time to start heading back to Podgorica.. I could never EVER expect a better host and complete tour of this country.

 Long curvy decent out of this part of the mountains.

Bummer it got dark on the way back, all too pretty.  More of Montenegro to come in the next post!

Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)


  • April 6, 2011

    Wow. What an amazing friend you have made!


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