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Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington USA


Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington USA

Next stop as I travel south through the United States is Mt Rainier National Park.

I came in a bit late in the day and had a little look around.  Magical park, really like it here.  Barton arranged for me to stay in the rangers camp.. with nobody around, I set myself up for a rainy night.. Luckily the rangers camp is right next to the lodge, where I enjoyed a great book and a fireplace.. boring I know, but it was the perfect place and setting!

The next morning, the rain finished, the sun came out and I decided to head up the hill for a hike

Many people tell me I was lucky to see the whole mountain as it’s usually surrounded by clouds and fog!  So here she is!

I was on my own, I hiked past huge amounts of tourists, but at a certain point, more or less when the snow started showing up, the tourists dwindled away and it was just me and the mountain.

So maybe it has to do with the time of day.  Not long into the hike the fog did start rolling in.

                                      Not much “vista” happening now… 😉

I guess this is what I should be able to see?  It’s funny, other than Mt. St. Helens, I never thought that much of the United States as being so ‘volcanic’.  They’re everywhere!

Moving on up…

I must also admit, the higher I go alone, the worry I have that I might lose the trail and not find my way back.. Not like I’m prepared for bad weather or overnight on this hike.  I would make a horrible mountaineer.. hence I am not one!

Look, I see a person on the trail!  Worries fade.. thank goodness..

I love geology, and was fascinated by this mix of red and black..

I quite like it up here.. so peaceful.  A bit cold, but since I’ve been hiking up hill for what seems like forever now, I am more than warm enough.

Once I reached the top, it’s time to start going down again.

I am coming out of the clouds.. so cool!

Slowly slowly out of the clouds.. what an awesome hike!  Great day..


Well, I have a new love to add to my list of world loves, called Mt. Rainier.
Special thanks to Glen the ranger who let me stay in his house while he was away.. 
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