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My Story aka The Saga of Sherri Jo

From Daydreamer to Daredevil

The Journey of Sherri Jo Wilkins

Hop on the sidecar as we recount the rollicking journey of Sherri Jo Wilkins, who swapped her Sunday cleaning gloves for motorcycle gloves and set off to hug the curves of the globe. Sherri Jo’s “Because I Can World Tour” is a rib-tickling reminder that life’s too short for just dusting and dreaming. So, rev up your engines and let’s roar into a narrative where every mile is a smile and every destination a punchline.

Spotted in the Wild

Sherri Jo’s epic escapades have revved up pages across top publications

Adventure Rider Magazine
Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine
Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine
Trailzone Magazine
Adventure Rider Magazine
Nomad Snaps: Fun on the Fly

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