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New Plymouth to the Able Tasman National Park, New Zealand

New Plymouth to the Able Tasman National Park, New Zealand

From Auckland I traveled down the west coast of New Zealand with a goal to reach New Plymouth.  Ever since I’ve had my Nolan helmet it’s been hard to lift the chin up.  I’d have to use both hands on the red pulley to release so it could rise, and it was crazy when somebody was trying to talk to me.

Anyway, I contacted the lady at Nolan in the United States who was more than happy to repair it, but that would mean I would have to carry my helmet on all those flights from Buenos Aires to Indiana and then to New Zealand (7 flights to be exact).. So, I had an idea and asked her if there might be a repair center in New Zealand. There is one in New Plymouth on the west coast!  So I sent my helmet with my motorcycle in the crate to New Zealand which was helpful and then I wore it here to see if they might be able to repair it.

I rode into New Plymouth a bit late in the afternoon and the guys at Eurobike were so kind to say theyd’ need my helmet over night and gave me a loaner.

I had a wonderful host in New Plymouth who fed and housed me, Kathy.  She had more amazing travel stories than I did! After her husband was sadly killed in an accident, she backpacked the world for years as part of her healing.  She was really inspirational. Then back to the shop at 9 AM.  When I got there my helmet was in pieces on the floor and they said they couldn’t fix it.. However! They asked if I would like a new one!  What?  Seriously, the chin is a pain, but not worth trading out.  Especially since I bought the helmet from the United States over a year ago!  It didn’t matter to them.  They said it couldn’t be fixed and they wanted to support me.

Leigh from Eurobike giving me a new Nolan Helmet!

He gave me a white and black helmet, and the chin works magically.  It’s a whole new look for Sherri Jo!  I love the helmet and I am beyond grateful.. thanks again!! So amazing..

Mount Taranaki sticks out like a sore thumb.. in a beautiful way! I’ve been riding through relatively flat land and I could see Taranaki for a good part of the day. This is one of the most symmetrical volcano cones in the world, however it hasn’t produced any lava flow since the 1800’s.

I followed the bottom half circle around the volcano as I tried to make make my south to Wellington but Taranaki kept calling me back.  I’m lucky I didn’t crash from neck strain, so I turned toward the volcano once again.  One last photo of Taranki before it gets engulfed in clouds.

Further down the coast I saw these whale bones and I wondered what my motorcycle would look like inside a whale… as you do!  So I turned around and would have made a nuisance of myself if I tried to put my bike inside with all the landscaping they’ve got in there. An outside photo will have to do.

Eventually making it to Wellington where I’m going to stay with Dick and Diana’s friends Shirley and Ken!  Lovely lovely home, this is my red sky in morning means sailors take warning photo.  Today is supposed to be a super rainy day.  However, I’m hoping to catch the early morning ferry to the South Island!  Gotta go!

Hmm, I seem to be the only motorcycle that will be traveling farther!

It really wants to rain but it hasn’t yet.. Here we are leaving Wellington.

And this is all the dreadful rain on the South Island.. not!  The weather was so nice I spent most of the ride on the top deck!  Bad weather predictions, no matter where you are in the world.

Welcome to the South Island, New Zealand!

One thing I learned quickly from a fuel stop is to not eat any shellfish around here!

I’m not a big fan of shellfish anyway.. Tonight is ramen noodles I’m afraid!

I decided to head over to Abel Tasman National Park.  I’ve heard about this park for years and years, now I get to see it for myself.  I stayed in a funky hostel in Motueka, where I locked my bike up and signed up for some action the next day!

The first half of the day will be kayaking and the second half saved for hiking.

You gotta love the Kayak attire!

It’s really beautiful out here but I was getting really annoyed.  The last time I went kayaking was in Panama with Kevin about 15 months ago. What a great day that was and I still think of it as one of my favorite days on this entire journey when we kayaked to our own private “One Tree” island. I wouldn’t have guessed it would bother me now, but it sure did.  Here in Abel Tasman I fought off having those memories and tried to chat with Helen from Switzerland.

It was a long paddle, but we are super lucky to have an incredible day. No rain, no wind! Our guide says you rarely get both on the same day so we are super lucky.

We made it to the where baby sea lions play.  They are getting old enough that they’ll be out in the water soon.

Watching Abel Tasman sea lions play in their natural nursery.

Shag on the beach anyone??  Sorry.. couldn’t help it.. ;-)))

That was fun, I really enjoyed that.. now on to the 1/2 day hike.

I love love love the fern trees in New Zealand…

This lovely walk follows the coast line up and down the hills, through the forest, and on to the prettiest beaches.

Look at that water.. and the mountains in the background!

Now this is the place to stop for a sandwich!!  I LOVE MY LIFE!!! 😉

Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)


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