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On the road to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

On the road to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Having some bike trouble on the side of the road here.  It just dies..  it happened last night for the first time, not sure why.. but James is carrying the jump wires and forcing it to start.  It will start, but it’s always a surprise from here on if it will start after the next fuel or lunch break.. sometimes yes, sometimes no.. ;-(((

James is really good to travel with… Since the bike is acting up, he pulls over to check on me often.

No worries at the moment.. how could there be! Look where I am!!!

This is one the most magical sunsets I’ve EVER seen.. ANYWHERE!!!!  Now I am officially in love with Brazil.  I was already, but this put the icing on the cake.

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro… for most of my life a goal destination on the high list!!!

Rio is just the most beautiful city to ride through.  I can’t get over the sheer BEAUTY!! I’m not a city girl at all, but this one might change my mind.

I’m totally aware there are favelas (slums) surrounding the city riddled with hard core crime.  But we are lucky enough to stay the city… the most beautiful, comfortable, secure part of the city!!  Have I ever mentioned I love my life!!??

James best friend from school in London is born here and we are going to be staying with his Mom and Stepdad in a neighborhood called Leblon, right near the beach.

 Greeted by the most friendly doorman in Leblon…

And our most wonderful hosts, Paula and Roberto whom we lived with for a full two weeks!!!  This is the life!!!

From the front window are views to the beautiful hills, and the other side has views to the big Jesus (Christ the Redeemer), the beach and beyond. What a perfect place to be in the world.

From just about anywhere in the city, you can see Christ.  But we did the proper tourist thing and went up to get close and personal!

The place is super crowded with tourists, there is absolutely no way to get any photos without heaps of people in it, unless you point the camera right up.

Remember young Patrick from previous posts?  I can’t help but to think he was the model for this statue.  I had to include this photos as the reminder because of all things, I took this photo in a sanctuary in Colombia (Las Lajas) and the miracle 8 legged cow and 2 headed lamb.. the miracles.. Jesus! ;-))

The harp plays….  Laaaaaaaaaa

James and I are off to see the view from Sugar Loaf.  I am using his photos here because it seems I have a completely lost a large photo file in my computer.  I was transferring big files while in Rio to another external drive and I am guess something got missed there. I’m really bummed out, I had some night photos of purple Jesus at night.. Aww well.  They’ll be in another back up drive (I hope), but it’s easier just to use these for now.. thanks James!

Paula and Roberto work very hard during the week and on the weekend they go to their country home in Petropolis.  We’ve been invited along and couldn’t believe we just went from awesome to more awesome!!

We went to see Paula’s favorite tree on their property, the Jequitibá.  (The big one in the middle).   “One of the biggest trees in the Atlantic Forest, there are some old trees in Santa Rita do Passa Quatro and near Petrópolis. One of the trees is more than 3000 years old.”

This tree is rare and they bought this property mainly for the Jequitibá.  My Mom did that years ago too, for a huge beautiful Oak tree in Indiana. Anyway, Paula tells us that many people come and walk through their property just to visit this tree.

While we were there, I asked what the story was with the Jesus head at the base of the tree.  She’s never noticed it before!

Hmmm, now we know for sure how special this tree is.

Besides other beautiful things here, I learn a new fruit.


I had to write Paula as I couldn’t remember these for anything and I knew writing them down I’d still get it wrong.

 “The name of the tree with the little black fruit is JABUTICABEIRA and the fruit is JABUTICABA”

I ate SOOOO many of these guys once I tried one.  Even after everyone was gone, I snuck back under the tree, then climbed it!  Because I ate all the ones close to me, and eventually lost my footing and fell.  A quick jump up, nobody saw me thank goodness!

It’s just pure paradise here.  What a beautiful life they have.

Back into Rio.. after our holiday from our holiday.. and I can’t wait to go for another daily walk on the beach.

The following photos look different, because I’m only out for my speed walk with my iphone and music.  My phone is old so the photos are not the best, but part of the fun..

I had to bother to take this photo, because after being teased by everyone the whole world over about my duct tape windscreen… I’ll have you know I am in good company with those of us who have good taste.  If the top quality Sheraton in Rio de Janeiro can use tape, then I am justified to use my tape as well and call it classy, right ?!;-)

Dreadful self iphone photo! ;-/  But my memories of many walks here, so I want to keep it.  I know full well how lucky I am to settle into the good life here for longer than I would have expected.

I remember thinking and taking this photo of the soccer Mom’s.  What a difference to the soccer Mom’s I know. I bet they all wish they could be watching their kids play on the beach in Rio!

My bike has a ticking noise and just out of having the luxury of plenty of time in Rio, James decides to take my bike apart and track down the tick. He found that I have too much space between the rocker arm intake and the shims.  Nothing I can do about it here as they don’t have a KTM service in Brazil.  My luck they went bankrupt a couple years ago and gone.  Hopefully I will make it to Paraguay where they do have the parts.

James finally got his tires delivered from Sao Paolo, and we can begin moving south again.  Not too soon for our hosts!  They never complained, but that was far too long to be a guest in anyone’s home.  Luckily they are far too gracious and you’d never know if they wanted us gone or not.. ! 😉

The places my motorcycle takes me.. and the people I’m lucky to meet. Thank you again, Paula and Roberto!! Adeus Rio de Janeiro!!!

Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)


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