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Palma de Mallorca Spain

Palma de Mallorca Spain

I did it!! Managed to get from Slovenia to Spain in record time! Came in through Italy via Monaco and France into Spain, and navigated my way to Barcelona easily to the ferry port to board with an hour to spare.  As usual, the ferry to Palma de Mallorca is an overnight sailing, and an expensive one at that, so it’s deck chair space for me again.  Luckily it’s still a bit before crazy season and it’s not horribly crowded.

Fifteen years ago, I was on cruise ship that Captain George Apistolas was Master of, and we had spent an entire day together on another island right next door called Menorca. (In case I need to make a reminder, you’ve seen George in my Athens post and Gokceada, Turkey Post).  Menorca has long been a favorite for me and one of the most beautiful, which is why it’s so cool to see him here again on Mallorca (Majorca) in the same part of the world this many years later. Menorca = Minor, Mallorca = Major.  The little island and the big island.  Sounds like we are in Hawaii, not the Mediterranean!

I arrived at 6:30 AM, pouring rain.. and poor George..   He luckily had a hotel organized for me.  A very generous friend, he put me in this 4 star hotel (lovely!) and paid for it as a support for my journey.. good friend!  Being that we arrived the lobby so early, they didn’t have a room ready yet. No surprise there. We opted for a wonderful hotel buffet breakfast, it was so full of amazing spanish food!  And enjoyed having a really good chat for several hours catching up.. was really really good to see an old friend, I can tell ya.  I have met many new and amazing friends along the journey, but to spend time with somebody you already know for so long is extra special.

Anyway, the room became ready.. George walked me up and my goodness, he was not happy with it.. wasn’t perfect.. bit too small, good but not best view.  He told me to wait, and he would go have a talk with them.. Came back and being the ship captain that he is, with a few orders and demands, he gets what he wants.  And I got a special room with a balcony and well worth his efforts!!

Now… this room is perfectly positioned for full view of his boat at ALL times!  His (not technically his) boat is that little tiny blue one on the end of the dock…

After several hours it was good that he had to go back to his boat to work, allowing me after riding through the rain all day yesterday, on the ferry deck chair space over night with little sleep.. to take a VERY needed shower and to get into regular clothes.  And later out to a very civilized dinner..  Apologies, I’ve had enough of the broken camera and have now resorted to my iphone for photos..

A lovely long walk along the waterfront and through the old town of Palma at night, proved to be a great decision to come here..

Sunrise view to the boat ;-))

The next day as George worked away on the boat, I worked all day on blogging.. was really nice!  I had a view, a pool, a most comfortable room, I was so happy to STOP for an entire day!  Got a text message from the boat.. “I don’t see you” (I was right there at the balcony door at my desk typing away). I poked my head up over the computer screen.. and another text “ah yes, I see you now..”  I’m being spyed on by binoculars.. now I understand the importance of room position.. ha!

At this night another lovely walk to dinner and little fun in the elevator…… ha!  Shame.. I caught you, thinking bad things!!  We were just playing with phone cameras to see who’s is better.. (mine of coarse!)  Nahh, not really, have to admit his phone was actually better ;-(

Hmmm, beautiful full moon, was much more good looking than the iphone could provide.. but I still like the photo!

The next day I decide to see how possible to find a decent camera on this island.. Just a little cheap one which could hopefully use the same connections and spare batteries I have been carrying. Nope, not possible.. I ended up with a small Panasonic and I take off from the shop to explore the east side of the island with it.

I had in my head the one thing I have been missing on this trip is a proper day at the beach!  Soo.. for the first time ever, I am riding my motorcycle around in my swimsuit!  Nope.. caught you again, don’t even think that!  I did have clothes on for riding over the suit… 😉

Mallorca is an island chocker block full of fancy retreats and resort wear.. Gives me a chuckle to pull up to a beach on my bike, and go against the resort wear on me!  And even though this is Spain, I hear everyone talking English in a British accent.. never know where I am… really…

Such pretty water.. had the best swim in a looooong time.

It’s really nice to ride around on the bike, without all my gear and just enjoy the day..  my new little camera is all right.  Not the best, I was spoiled with my good camera.  But at least I have a bit of visual for my time here.

George is busy during the day preparing the yacht for his special clients arriving shortly, but at night we have time to enjoy.  This night he talks me into a bicycle… bicycle!  For real, George?  But he’s been telling me for MONTH’s about this ride along the waterfront through the old historic town, skinny ancient streets at night.. He was right. AND, he’s been telling me everyday that I must visit the Palma Cathedral!  I’ve seen so many Cathedrals since I’ve been in Europe, it’s pretty, and impressive, but I don’t need to go in..

What a change of pace for me.. It was really nice to ride slow slowly around this historic town.   And even better with a friend who can point out all the good bits.. and dinner of coarse!  Tapas tonight!!

The next photo  of George riding his bike is horrible, I know..or I should say it’s very “artistic”.. but hoping you can get a sense of how cool the streets of Palma are to ride at night.  Skinny paths never meant for cars and lit by lanterns. A really special old town..

George found the guard house.. what a goof ball!

Next up is an 800 year old Olive tree. A popular stop for tourists.. Speaking of, Palma (Mallorca) is along with Ibiza, a hugely popular tourist destination for all of Europe.  It’s like going to Bahamas for Americans, or Bali for Australians.

Lots of young people in the center, and lots of partying.. On the outside, lots of resorts or holiday homes everywhere else.

Sunrise over George’s boat….again!   Beautiful… have I ever mentioned, I love my life???

One guy in the marina George really wanted me to meet is Richard and his lovely wooden boat the “Jenny Wren”  

A really old boat built in the 1926 if I remember right..a funny story with this guy.. Richard owned it, restored and sailed it for a few years, then sold it.  He felt ready to advance to a large boat that involved crew.. Quickly learned that a yacht that requires crew was less fun than expected.  You know it’s meant to be, his brother noticed the old boat for sale again and Richard was able to buy it back! 

Okay, enough playing around, I like boats, but I’m really craving to get on my bike.. When I’m off the bike for a couple days, it really is calling for me!

I decide to take the west road up to Cap Formentor.  And what a great choice!  I could waffle on about it, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves..

This is the goal destination.. Cap Formentor. 

A strikingly beautiful ride, one of my favorites so far. (I know I say that far too much on this trip.. there are that many “best” roads in the world, they all deserve “favorite” status!)  I really didn’t expect much for sightseeing on the island, I just had in my head resorts and yachts, but it is really a great place to ride if you can add it to your list.

George hasn’t even done this road to the top.  Sorry for him, he’s the Captain and has to stay with the ship. Ha!  I’d rather have my life on the road than that fancy boat life.  He knows this, so I’m not shooting my mouth off, we talked about it.  That blue boat takes 51 crew to accommodate 36 guests.   It’s a private yacht, it’s highly unlikely to take 36, usually just a few.  I feel that a lot of my experiences out on the road with people have been my “richest” experiences.  Something about that motorcycle that allows me to go to the most amazing places and meet the most hospitable generous people.  I’ve never traveled on a boat like that, but I would imagine it would be hard to have similar experiences with local people.

Must get back to town now, one more night out with Captain Apistolas, and then I’ll pack as I want to get back on the ferry tomorrow.
This carrier passed us on the ferry, it’s a big boat carrying heaps of smaller boats.. I’ve never seen this before!  But George says mostly Americans will ship their private boat and then they fly over for a holiday to meet it.  Hmmm, what a life! 😉

Adios to George’s pretty boat from the ferry.. nice view of the town from here too.. was a pleasure to enjoy this place.

My little Spanish holiday was short but sweet!

I quickly settled in on the ferry and got back to work organizing the next few days in Spain and whatever else needs done.. ;-(

A final note and reminder of a youtube poem George sent over to me.. “Ithaca”.  He had asked me several times “What is your Ithaca?”  I didn’t know what he meant until I got this video from him in email.. makes all the sense in the world to me.. 😉


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  • July 28, 2011

    I can imagine what an unforgettable memory this must have been for you Sherri…Excellent!

  • July 28, 2011

    One day mountaintrails on mud covered bike, then 4 star jet set yacht. What a life you lead!

  • August 3, 2011

    Amazing – and how perfect you are to be friends. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us. It's truly inspiring!

  • May 30, 2012

    Your style is unique compared to other people I have read stuff from.Thanks for posting when you've got the opportunity, Guess I'll just bookmark this web site :: San Sebastian


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