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Perth – Biker bar with Aaron


Perth – Biker bar with Aaron

So!!  Now that the bike is sorted, young Aaron invited me out for a ride on the Harley after work..

Cool!  I do miss my old Harley, I’ve enjoyed the bits of Perth I have seen, and sounds like a plan!

Aaron is a soft spoken guy, with a passion for bikes and cars, and particularly the American kind!  When I showed up he had quite a car to show me!

A Dodge.. I think he said Hemmy?  If I wasn’t in dag-gone Tokyo, I’d give him a call to confirm.. I don’t know cars very well, but he bought this car from America and it has won some awards.  It’s darn pretty, but hard to get a good photo in the tight squeeze of the garage.

He says, you want to hear me start the motor up?  I’m like, sure!  Lord Have Mercy!  It cracked over and my heart nearly popped out of my chest!!  I don’t think I’ve EVER heard a motor that loud (the poor neighbors!!)..  he kept it running for a bit, and I could feel every bit of my internal organs shaking to pieces (10 times worse than that same feeling when I am riding the shaky KTM!)..  it was cool, and I have never seen such a clean motor.  He looks after it really well, that’s for sure.

Anyway, off on the Harley.  I don’t have pictures of this – darn it!  Will try for the mental picture again… my boots and helmet are on the crate.. So, I borrow one of Aaron’s harley helmets, you know the ones that look the Germans wore in the war, but in a matt black color?  No visor – open face..  Riding at 8 pm, in the dark, and we put on sunglasses.  Fine for me, but what about the driver!

Aaron puts on a very special jacket with patches of the club he belongs to..  as for me, the helmet is still too big, so he gives me a beany to wear under it.. So imagine, blue beany, with the harley helmet and bad ass sunglasses on Sherri Jo – HA!  Now you see why I am disappointed on the  missed photo opportunity!

Big ol’ black Harley, on the front porch, that’s where we get on.. “Aaron, don’t you want to ride down the hill in the front yard to the street and I’ll get on there?”  Not at all, hop on..

Okay… so where are we going?  Off to “the bar”..

I don’t know anything, so off we go.. Aaron is a very experienced rider as he has shown from the Youtube video’s of him sand drag racing the old 1967 bike he has in his collection.  (I need to add that to my facebook.. note to self)

Onto the highway, on a very cold winter night, no gloves and in sunglasses.. no worries!  I hold on as I sit on my little patch of leather.. the drive is about 20 km’s.  Which I think we covered in about 5 minutes.

I was holding on so tight.. because I was downright scared!!  We weren’t just lightly passing the trucks and cars by on the highway, we were screaming past them!!  Remember just a few days ago my comments on the Harley guy that passed that 3 trailer road train, now I was one of them!  OMG>

Into a neighborhood and up to the gate, I ask where we are.. it’s the club- house?  It’s a house that is also a bar for the club, as Aaron explains where they can all hang out freely.  What an interesting place, I have never seen before!

They entertained me with a huge fire out the back, a coldie from the bar, and some really really interesting stories of life in the club and what it means to be a member.  I got a lot out of that, and a view into a world I have never known before.  What an interesting unexpected experience!!  Thank You!

Okay, now the cold ride back..  young Aaron in command of that Harley, says hold on.. I said “I am holding on”, and he says, “NO – HOLD ON!!!!” Me,  Sh _ _!!!!  I have never been that fast on a bike, and if you can imagine the vision of my gear, my hair sailing straight up behind me, and screaming my head off for real…  He finally slowed down and had a laugh and said, “I can’t believe, this girl who is going to ride a motorcycle around the world is that scared..!”

Well, I never said I was going to ride FAST around the world!

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Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)

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