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Portugal Part 3

Portugal Part 3

Just a little blog post I would have liked to have included to finish up Portugal on the last one, but ran out of time. 

Back on the road again north of Porto, I get a text message from Miguel asking where I am.. I told him I was heading back into Spain shortly. He said wanted to show me more of Portugal first.  Mmmm.. should I? I was feeling I moved too quickly through this country, so.. okay! 😉

 We meet again..

Northern Portugal is quite different to the south.  Much more populated and green!  And they are well known for the vineyards in this area.  We leave the region of Porto and head into District of Vila Real.

We are headed toward the River Douro.  One of the major rivers of the region, this area has a microclimate that grapes and olives seem to love which are most important for making that famous Port Wine!  The rivers end is in Porto, where the wine can be shipped to the world.

These ceramics on the town walls (every town, house and building has ceramic something or other, if its not a small decoration, they ceramic the entire house!)  Anyway, here’s some ceramic of how it used to be..

I know.. it’s a wee bit boring for the blog, but I like the ceramic stories and it will be history I’d like to remember when I read these posts when I’m 80… 😉

Miguel explains to me that the area is very protected.  The small farms or quintas are rarely sold and if so they are extremely expensive.  There is no room for new construction in the area as none of the farms will be giving up their unique vineyard land anytime soon!

We did well following the river ALL day, a gorgeous ride on a motorcycle!

This is where we stop for the night…….  😉

Just kidding!!

We were hungry.. Unfortunately, the “Meat Boutique”  was closed..  I would have never thought to put those 2 words together!

And we found dinner elsewhere..

This was another fun diversion.. thanks Miguel! However, I really should be on my way heading north.  I have a booking to get on an airplane from London Heathrow over to North America in a weeks time, and I am nowhere near the place!

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