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Riding the Croatia coast to Zadar


Riding the Croatia coast to Zadar

At this point and time in my journey, most of my travel decisions are based on the weather.  I am watching the forecasts and seeing so much rain, so if there is a patch of just fairly good weather I go for it.  Yes, I can ride in the rain, no worries, it’s all part of the adventure.  But I was recommended this coastal route along Croatia and anyone who said so, points out how spectacular it is… but not in the rain! So make my way to Zadar… now!

It is a very nice road for sure.  No question as to why it’s so popular, and I can see how much of it I would miss on a full rain day.  The road literally hugs the coast line all the way, making it a continuous slow curvy ride.   I never did get full sun, but this sunny haze will have to do.

It’s well past lunch time.  After exploring old town Krk with Nikola and his family, I lost track of time.

And again, being the off season, most places are completely closed and boarded up.  I finally found this little village and an open restaurant.. hallelujah!!  Not a soul there, except the lady who runs it.  She was sitting outside smoking and reading a magazine, so I hated to disturb her.  But she was kind and seemed pleased enough to help me figure out what I can have.  There were some pictures on the wall inside the restaurant.  Again, I don’t read the menu, I pre-decided what I would like to have well in advance, and then set the challenge to explaining this to a Croatian woman who speaks zero English.  I wanted a salad sandwich (lettuce, tomato, cucumber and cheese) toasted, and french fries.  She went over and over the details, and through the translation, she did an excellent job.. it was superb!!  I’m in the land of olive oil.. I love french fries cooked in olive oil……. ;-)))

I am so happy… and full!  But I see the weather rolling in.. I must continue.
I learned very quickly how slippery the roads are here when wet.  I later was told by every motorcyclist I met in Croatia to take special care because their roads are especially slippery from being mostly limestone. With as twisty curvy as these roads are, and quite often having no guard rails from going overboard into the rocks and sea below, I want to finish this before it gets dangerous.
You see the van parked in the photo above and a man on the other side of the road?  I didn’t!!  Until I heard him start howling like a wolf!!  I was trying to take some pictures but he kept howling, so I got nervous. I tried not to look scared, and calmly as possible, repacked my camera, put on my helmet and gloves again and got on my bike.  Thank goodness he didn’t move.. But the howling continues!  What do I do?  Nobody else around, should I turn back towards Krk?  The only way through is between Wolf man and his Big van!! God only knows there might be more of them in there! I finally heard a car coming, and decided to ride past him FAST at the same time the car coming from the opposite direction.  I was afraid if he was howling like a wolf, he might try to jump the bike like a wolf as I rode by.  Thank goodness, he didn’t.  My heart was racing though.  Who stands on the side of the road howling like a wolf.. and for that long!! Doesn’t matter, just happy to be able to continue…

Finally get into Zadar, and start tracking down the place I organized to stay in for a couple days.
I like this one, my kind of fixer-upper!!  But it’s not the house I’m looking for..

Is this it??

No… but I always like to see how things are built in different countries.  You can see why this house will last for hundreds of years compared to others.. people around here are still living in dwellings built over 500 years ago..!  Not much of the western world can say that!

Okay, by the looks of those clouds I have got to stop looking around town and get to where I am supposed to go..  luckily, the house I need to find is just around the corner from here.  A good room to hide out while the rain comes through for a couple days again.

There is a lot more to my Croatia adventure, so this will be continued!

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  • January 20, 2011

    I've been following your trip since you met up with Walter. I am enjoying riding along with you in spirit. Question: When howling is required, how do you howl if not like a wolf? :)DD

  • January 20, 2011

    Good point DD.. thanks for following! 😉

  • January 20, 2011

    Wow, good idea to follow the car past the guy, who knows what was up with him, better for someone else to find out 😉 keep safe and posting 🙂

  • January 20, 2011

    Thanks George! 😉

  • Ken
    January 22, 2011

    It's amazing how different things are out of the good ole USA, no hand rails, etc. Great pics and very interesting story!

  • February 21, 2011

    Hello!!, Amazing journey,"funtastic" ride, fantastic girl.Welcome to Mediterranean cultures!!


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