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San Ignacio, Loreto and La Paz Mexico, Baja California


San Ignacio, Loreto and La Paz Mexico, Baja California

Adios to San Ignacio… really loved this little town and would be one I hope to go back to someday.

Back on the road to the bottom of Baja California Sur.  What’s fun about Baja is if you follow the main road from top to bottom, it changes which side of the peninsula you ride on a couple times. So from San Ignacio we temporarily ride down the east side before we have to go across the middle to the west again.

Ooooooo, that is a pretty blue…

We actually passed this beach up.  I caught up with James and asked if he’d mind if we pulled back around to the beach and I found he was already thinking the same thing.  We haven’t been on the road that long this morning, but you gotta do what you gotta do..

I know, I took far too many photos, I just really liked this beach.

Compared to the last blog post on the dirt track to Santa Martha, this is one seriously easy smooth day.. relax and ride!

I’m loving the south of Baja, it’s remote, beautiful, great weather.  I can see why so many people from the north spend their winters here.

Oops, another pretty view, gotta pull over for this one too. Some days are just like that.

You’re not going to believe, we stop again.  It’s really not normal (for me anyway) to stop this much.  It just seems to be the way of the day, and why not?  We are not in a hurry..

Needless to say, we didn’t get too far today.  Our stop for the night is Loreto, Mexico.  We wanted to find a place to camp here, because the next logical town to stop is La Paz, which is just a bit too far to get to before dark.

We looked and looked for camping grounds.  Ended up pulling into a hotel just to see if they knew where one is.  He gave us better directions to one as well as other cheap places to stay in town (his own hotel was a bit too expensive for us.) We thought it was so kind that he gave us lots more info on the cheaper places to stay in town.  The American owner said, “Look, I’ve been in your shoes traveling long distance, I would hope somebody would tell me the same”  Cool guy!

We followed up, the campground was closed (season or economy?) The really cheap places were worse than cheap and the ones that were “livable” were booked out (a positive sign for the economy..).  After lots of driving around and stopping in every place available, we decided to go back to the nice guy.

He out-did himself this time.  He said there is a little guest cabin out the back that he has not been renting out.  We can stay back there, but it doesn’t include use of the pool (fine by me!) and it’s so hidden on the property our bikes will be safe.  We had a look and could NOT believe our luck!  He gave us an unbelievable good price and made us swear we never tell anybody.  Sold!

Check it out!!  This is a proper home!  Seriously, this guy was really good to us.  I’d tell you where it is, but I promised…

Including a fantastic kitchen!!  We can make our own meal tonight.. what should we make.. can’t wait!

We go out for a walk around town in search of some food..   this isn’t what I had in mind though… 😉

As you can see, there is nobody around.  The streets are empty.  Our options for cooking were not good and even though I was excited about it, do I really want to wash the dishes when I can get a meal here for so cheap??

Again the owner of the place helped us out, like we deserve more!  He told us where he goes to eat in town and suggested his favorite, chile rellenos.  I told him I’m not much into spicy food especially a gigantic chile!  He said, there is nothing spicy about it unless you want it to be.  So we decide to give it a try.

I am in love again!  Why have I never had this dish before!! (because the sound of eating a chile scares me).  I thought quesadillas were my Mexican favorite, not now.. move over, this is my new favorite!!

We only stayed one night as much as we felt lucky enough to stay longer, we also felt guilty about taking advantage of this guy for more.  So pack up and on the road in the morning.

This is like a touring bike blog post.. sometimes I’m a dirt bike and sometimes I’m a cruiser. 😉  Hence, the dual-sport choice!!

We have to head down the east coast a little bit longer before we cross the middle over to the west side.

And it doesn’t take long before we find another great beach!

Do I really need to stand up on the ladder to get a better view…  (??)

After all the beauty of the land and water around us, I was surprised that crossover to the west side was so flat and boring! Where did Baja go??  It’s not very far, only 50 miles or so.  I’ve been spoiled so long, I have to talk myself into coping with it. ;-))

I only have these photos of the boring part because James took them.. I couldn’t be bothered!  But glad I have them now.

We cross to Ciudad Insurgentes (what a name!) and then go south again, eventually ending up on the east coast again!  Our goal is to reach La Paz.  Being the worrier that I am, I want to find the ferry office as we plan on taking it in a few days over to mainland Mexico.  Ferries always have a bit of a process to go through, and I like to find them and sort it out rather than just show up and hope I can get on a boat straight away.

We pull into La Paz, and to our luck, the gps’s show exactly where the ferry terminal is.  

The one thing my Garmin gps can’t tell me though is that there is a parade up ahead!

 James is thrilled…

We hang out the back and slowly slowly crawl along the waterfront.  Even the moto-cop is thrilled about it!

Plenty of horses in this parade and we manage to get behind the pooper scoopers.

Ooooo! Finally, they turn right on another street and we are free!

Not for long….

After sorting out our ferry plan and an overnight in La Paz, tomorrow we head down to the bottom near Cabo San Lucas.  Cheers!

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