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Sayonara Japan!


Sayonara Japan!

Sayonara Japan, An nyung ha se yo Korea!

Only been in Korea 2 days, but already missing Japan greatly!

I had a wonderful time in Japan, and hope to return some day.. but for now, we must move on..

The ferry over to Korea was quite a process. Not ever really sure I could go actually!  I had done the best I could to book myself from my computer in Adelaide before I left, and was told you can not book a motorcycle, unless you call a week in advance.

Then once I was here, I was told  I CAN NOT take the ferry unless I have a Japanese registered motorcycle!  Hmmm.

Was also told another couple from Australia had tried to use the ferry a couple years ago and failed..  Hmmm Hmmm

Not one to give up easily, I had another English speaking helper call from Hiroshima.  She was able to work out I can take my motorcycle after viewing and faxing all my documents.  However, they will only book a round trip ticket.  (I had heard this before on the forums for other ferry’s, so this did not surprise me).  This is super expensive however!  Nearly $750 AUD!!  But what can ya do?

So I paid, and was very happy that I get to continue my next leg of the trip!

I would say while I was at the Camellia Lines office, there were not less than 4 people working on my case at all times.  They were back and forth and back and forth.. One of the gentelmen officials was quite boisterous about it, and I knew that if I could not board, it would be because of him.

Then the main Boss man (I call him), comes up to me and says, “I am sorry, you can not go to Korea, they do not participate in Carnet program, but Japan does.. but I call them for you..”  Hmmm!  again

So I continue waiting.. he comes back to me and says, “Where do you go after Korea?”  I said,  “I return here.. he says “Hai” but where to you go after here?” I say “Russia”..  He says, “You want to go from Korea to Russia?”  I said “Yes, but your rules say I must return to Japan first” (there is a direct ferry to Russia from another prefecture, but I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to explore Korea).

Next, he says, “You can go to Russia from Korea, we will refund your return ticket..”  Gee whiz, I had 4  other people try to accomplish that for me including myself!  One thing I wasn’t going to do was mess around with the rules, even though I had no intention of returning on that ticket…

Yay!! Hallelujah!!  Good good man, I love this man!!!  Here he is

He spent the entire morning with me, organizing everything.  And each time we went to the next step, I was always surprised.  One step closer to approval for Korea!

He had me load my bike on the ship.. ok, I can officially be relieved now..

That was scary riding it up the ramp.. but I did it!

Good good good..  next step go back to the terminal and go through proper immigration and re-board the ship.

Whew!  Good day..  I love ferry’s and really looking forward to this!

Thank you to all the good people at Camellia Lines.. especially Boss man.. ! He saved me nearly $350 and he didn’t really have to do that, I had already paid.

Goodbye Japan….

So!  Here is my room!

Shared with many others of coarse.  But that’s okay.. The ferry was 12:30 to 18:00.  That is nothing, and I don’t intend to sleep through it!

I was surprised that so many do though.

I was up on deck most of the time, mainly because it was sunny!  Hallelujah #2!  A nice break from the rain..

What a fun and successful day..

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  • July 7, 2010

    Lucky Sherri again despite all the trouble.My personal experience of an overnight ferry to Pusan was not good in the common room with lots of noisy and smelly people.Keep up the good work!!!!!


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