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Seville Spain

Seville Spain

My ride through the back roads to Seville was beautiful, but that dag gone camera! The photos are not going to work.. most of them are pure white and completely unusable.  How I got the few I did, for who knows what reason.  I’ll put up the ones I managed to tweek enough to post..

Meandering my way through so many great little Spanish villages. Their streets would be seriously confusing if it weren’t for my handy gps!  Here in the south the villages are very distinctly painted white.

Lots of oldness.. and history.. Must be the old road connecting the villages.

Yep, they’re white!

Now into Seville Spain.

I didn’t want to particularly go here, because I’ve been before in high school.  I remember I liked it, but I have a mission in my head to avoid the cities and tourists and continue to experience local people as much as possible.
However, something has GOT to be done about this camera situation.. The amount of photos I have to throw out is really not good. So I booked a little hostel for one night in old town Seville.
Lucky for me, I arrive on Sunday night, everything is closed sort of expected.. But I wandered the streets enough to know where the camera shops were so I was well prepared with a plan on how to find them quickly in the morning and still check out of the hostel in time.
Remember those protests I told about?  Here they are!!  This is the biggest one I’ve seen compared to Barcelona and Madrid.  Pretty serious stuff!

Along my evening back streets exploring…. I discovered a great little Flamenco place!!  Flamenco!! That is my greatest memory of Seville from my high school trip.. and to this day, if I have the right heals on, I click away in my kitchen at home.
I don’t like going to shows by myself, but this time I went in.. it’s a must.
What a right decision, this show was so impressive and passionate!!  Simple stage..there are no microphones, no electronics, just a flamenco singer, a man with a guitar, and a very passionate dancer.  Sorry for the photo quality.. switched over to iphone camera!

I can not tell you how much this group impressed me.  I snuck in some photos even though they weren’t allowed.  But I had to.. this dance and what they put into it I wanted to remember. 
In my next life, I want to be born in Spainwith black hair and become the best Flamenco dancer in the world!!  And convince the country to abolish bull fighting!!  Ha!  And yes I just said that after admitting to eating part of a baby pig in the last post  ;-/
 Plaza de Toros (Bull Fight Ring)  Still big business..Every town has one!

If you haven’t been to a bull fight before, I don’t really want to explain it much.   I’ve been to them many years ago in Mexico and in Spain.. They explain to me the “art” of wearing the bull down, with little darts and games as he’s bleeding to death.. getting weaker and weaker with more darts, until eventually the bull fighter goes in with the “sword”  In an attempt to pierce between the shoulder bones direct to the heart.  If they succeed, they kill with that one final shot. Whatever the art, it’s cruel to watch, and I won’t go again.  I can appreciate culture, but that one I’d like to see the public let go and leave it for past memories.. Just my opinion!
On Monday morning, all hot and ready to fix the camera, I went to the shops and nothing open yet!  I look at the windows with “Open hours” and they say 10 AM, it’s after 10, what’s going on?
I went down to the grocery store, it was closed as well..  A security guard was able to tell me there is a holiday.. B U M M E R !!! 
I thought about it for a while, there’s no big town coming up soon, I’m not liking my photos and I have to put my foot down and make a change. So I hung around and stayed another night.. Against my will!!  What will I do!!??  Ahhh.. I know where there’s a good flamenco show tonight! 
Could have gone to a different venue, but since I loved so much what a saw last night, no reason to change “what ain’t broke!” 
A good surprise was the singer and dancer was different this night.  Good – I like variety!  Another amazing show.. best costumes, I want one of those dresses.  Would look like a raving fool wearing one anywhere in the world including here, but I would so much love to look like that and dress like that and DANCE like that!  Hmm.. better keep fingers crossed for next lifetime for sure.

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  • August 9, 2011

    Why wait till the next lifetime? Spanish communities organise flamenco classes everywhere (At least I know they do around here)


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