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South Korea begins..


South Korea begins..

Sort of uneventful blog today.. but those will happen from time to time.. so I will keep this one a bit short.

After studying my Lonely Planet book a bit, I left Busan for Gyeongju.  Had a bit of a rough time getting there.. it was really hot, and not sure if it was the food, or adjusting to a new country, but sitting through the normal overcrowded city traffic for around 3 hours again, I nearly fainted a couple times.

Wearing my riding suit, plus gloves, plus helmet in humid heat combined with lots of truck and car fumes was doing me in..  I felt the tingling in my head and then I got cold and a bit dizzy.  It was not the sort of traffic or roads (10 lanes total) that you can pull over quickly.. so I toughed it out and made sure no passing out in a new country!

It was a relief to find Gyeongju and I didn’t think much but to go to a hotel recommended in the LP book.

Once settled, and after not eating all day, I set out to find a meal…

This is what I found!

I can get some potatoes or a dress.. hmm, maybe go for the dress? Nah.. potatoes are better..

Or try some dead little dried fish..?

I went past restaurant after restaurant, and what really helps is they put a photo in the window of every meal they make.. Problem was, there was no way I was going to eat anything I saw in the photo..

I gave up and scuffled around the convenience store, I took home a cheapie.. Ramen noodles.

Made it in my room, and it was yuk as well… give up!

This is a small country and I have plenty of time to get to Sokcho, so I opt to stay another day to try to get used to where I am..

I decided the Museum I passed on the way in will help me get to know the country and the people – even the food.

I love this never ending question:  What came first the chicken or the egg?

Another common phrase I hear in Australia all the time is:  “bits and pieces”

I found the origin!  (Note: bottom right hand corner)

That’s the bit and these are the pieces!

I saw lots of arrowheads and burial mounds.. so much in common with Native American Indian!

Okay I get it.. the Kings and Queens and Emperors… I’m glad I went to the Museum.

Now another attempt at finding a food.. this is starting to concern me!

I wandered around the city, and I found a McDonalds.  Honestly!  Nothing in there looked any good either, not that it normally does.. but they serve Shrimp Burgers!! Super yuk!

I got a kick out of their delivery mobiles though.  Won/Juan/John from the ferry told me about this.  McDonald’s doesn’t do so well in this country so to try to keep business up, they offer free delivery..

I finally got lucky… I found a Pizza Hut.. I know, I know, I am in South Korea, and should not be attennding such a place.. but I really just wanted vegetables.. a salad to be precise.  And this pizza hut had a salad bar.. Perfect!  I can eat!!

Plus, it was my birthday, and a fun meal of pizza and salad worked for me..!

On my way home I stopped into a bakery, and noticed they had birthday cakes.. If I could choose any cake in the shop, this is the one I would pick.

Instead of eating it, I took a photo of it… my body thanks me.. 😉

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  • July 9, 2010

    Make the most of the Pizza huts and salads while you can…Walter is renowned for his diet of noodles on the Magadan to Yakutsk roads and the Vilyutsk Tract !!


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