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Spain and Andorra

Spain and Andorra

 Barcelona.. my favorite city in the world! (so far..)

I made a joke on my facebook page at the time that it’s flattering this guy’s interest in my bike when there is a far more interesting site behind me! ;-))

I’ve been here once before, on that same cruise with George’s boat 15 years ago.. I remember so clearly how much I loved it and hope I would come back one day.. Today’s the day!!

So well organized, easy to get around, beautiful, clean, unique, tick’s all the boxes.  I am not a city girl AT ALL and have never considered any city to “live” in EVER!  Except this one I could do it.. won’t, but could.  If I look up info on the internet, I see lots of posts and complaints about mugging and robbery in southern Spain, especially Barcelona.  I don’t know how I am so lucky to avoid these, but both times I’ve been here, this has not been my experience at all.

Interestingly enough, my hosts, Alberto and Ernesta,  couch surfing host arranged by a wonderful guy Javier, suggested I either park my motorcycle in very secure garage (at $30 Euro per night, or over $40 USD..the same price as a hotel room!) or to chain lock up in the open parking lot.  I chose this option, but they didn’t like that I put the cover on the bike.  All my advice says, to put the cover on, and this is excellent security from the interest of my bike, stickers, etc.. Out of sight out of mind.  However, my new friends say that in Barcelona, the opposite is true.. Whatever I do, do NOT put the cover on, because the thieves know it’s something worth stealing.. Hmm.  I followed their advice, and stripped everything off my bike I could and hauled it up the tiny elevator to their apartment.  Next morning all was untouched, and I stayed here for 3 nights total.. no problem!

I saw Sagrada Familia 15 years ago, and man has it changed since then!  I remember the “work in progress”, and for whatever reason, I thought I remembered the city was happy to leave it unfinished..out of respect for the deceased architect and his creation. Bad memory, I was way wrong..! They started building it in 1882 with most distinct and unique architect Antoni Gaudi.  He has made his mark on many buildings around Barcelona and it’s easy to tell which ones.  But he died before this one was completed.  Over 130 years later, they are still building with different architects.  They hope to complete it in 2026.. I’d like to go back then again and see, how cool will that be!?

This statue is a real girl on the church steps.. earning her way the hard way!  I’m impressed, I could not sit there like that without rubbing my nose a bizzillion times.  😉

As much as I love this city and always imagined I would stay a long time, I ended up with just a couple days here as I’ve had enough time off on the island and really want to be on the move..keep going!

I headed north toward Andorra.. I had never heard of the country before, but it’s there! First, a couple views from the road as I make my way north.

It was “one of those days…” I had lots of thoughts and questions going on in my helmet.. seriously! So it was the funniest thing when I passed this road sign!!

Made it to the border crossing of Andorra.. Still can’t believe I’ve been to Europe a couple times before, how have I not heard of this country!?

It is so cheap, I was able to get a decent room for 10 Euro!!  What’s going on here, this is Europe!?  Settled in, happy as could be, and went for a wander.  Found the most unique spa.. I am not on a holiday and spa’s are not my thing anyway, but like I said, it was one of those days…

So I went into this magical place, I didn’t take any photos, being that it’s a very wet environment and I’m sure the other guests would appreciate not being snapped.  So I’ll find something for you online.  I borrowed some from their website.. hopefully you’ll get the idea what attracted me to the place.

I went in around 7 pm and re-emerged around 11.. it has infrared and dry saunas, outdoor and indoor whirlpools, Roman baths, Icelandic cold treatment, huge crystal hanging from the ceiling along with very etherical music.. hot, cold, sweating, swimming.. BLISS. I did all the options about 3 times and only left because it was closing time.. what a great surprise find!!!  It was 28 Euro, so more than my room, but I got my money’s worth!!

Only one night in Andorra and I’m on the move again. This is another place I’d like to stay longer, but I have a lot to accomplish in the time frame needed to arrive UK in time to ship my bike to North America.  Must keep moving and next stop, Madrid.

Some photos from the road…

I’m getting lucky with road signs around here.. this one is for all the Aussie blokes! 😉

It was a long day riding, and the beautiful mountains finally petered out. Some days I’m on a mission and some days I like to go slowly and mozy a bit.  It was just too pretty of a ride and I’d rather take this day in rather than rush. However, still a long way from Madrid and getting into some flat boring farmland.  It’s also now very late in the day and I better start figuring out a place to sleep tonight..

I don’t like it when the sun gets this low and I haven’t sorted out my plan for the night yet.  So! Put the camera away Sherri Jo..  Wait.. just one more photo, I promise! 😉 

I ended up struggling this night to find a place.  Best bet was the stinky truck stop, but when you’re tired and too exhausted to care, fall asleep quick and never notice the smell!  ;-))  See you.

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