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St. Petersburg Russia


St. Petersburg Russia

Three full days on a train, I was excited about this! It was fun for a while, but it got to be too long as you might imagine. I was really missing my bike, and I wished I hadn’t done this, but I tried to make the most of it.

What surprised me is that the landscape looked the same the entire way!!

Those 2 ladies at the window came well equipped with heaps of food. They kept trying to feed me! I had my cheese and bread as I had done before. Nataliya also warned me that I was not carrying enough food for 3 days.. but I came off the train with left overs, no worries.

The train stops often with passengers getting off or on. And always a kind lady out the door wanting to sell something. Berries are still happening.. How can you refuse buying anything from that lady!?
Thank goodness I had a big fat book I had just brought with me from America. I was meant to read it on the plane to Moscow, but I never did. I knew I shouldn’t be carrying it on the motorcycle, but it came in darn handy for this trip more than the plane anyway.
Well, that’s a little insight to 3 days of my life on a train. I’m really glad for the experience, I had wondered what travel by train would be like for many years. I think it may have been a smidgen more interesting on the bike. Lesson learned..

So !!!! Now I arrive St. Petersburg!! I hadn’t necessarily planned to go there early on, and therefore know nothing about the place. Lord have Mercy!! What a large European looking city!! Culture shock!!

I walked around the city with my mouth wide open. I have been to Europe before, but I just totally forgot that people live this way!! Especially after traveling through modest and quiet Siberia for so long, this place blew me away.

And then I start noticing the city has quite a collection of naked men – everywhere!

I found a whole group of them in the subway mosaics!!

My question is: Did they really live this way, or is it for the sake of art? St. Petersburg is so far north and would rarely have weather worthy of so much fresh air.

I could put in heaps more photos, but I imagine the men reading this are getting a bit bored.. sorry!

This city is chocker block full of culture. I somehow missed the culture boat when I was born. I must have hopped on the adventure boat instead.. But I can appreciate all the hard laborious work the people did to create such a beautiful city!

I really just want my bike… I try riding around in the subway to satisfy the need for travel and movement. I like the experience once again, but I’m not much of a big city girl and ready to move on.

I enjoyed meeting young Alexander Permyakov, who interviewed me for his Russian Expeditions magazine.
I have attached a link to his October issue.. as those of you know from my facebook post, it’s all in Russian, but very impressive photography and worth a look.
Anyway, Alexander showed me around St. Pete. a bit more, and ended up being a huge help when it came to communication with the shipping company regarding my bike.

Good news – my bike has arrived, hallelujah! I was all cultured out, so just in time…

Alexander guides me to the shipping yard, along with another wonderful helper, Ilya. I know, how many Ilya’s can one country have!! When we broke the bike down in Novosibirsk, I knew I didn’t have all the tools to put it back together. So I was introduced via text message to Ivan.. and he sent Ilya out to help. Good thing too, because the bike arrived with a flat battery! I have never had a dead battery! They had my key in the ignition when it arrived and I can only assume they didn’t have it turned off properly. Because once we gave it a jump start, it was all good.

Ivan had me come to his shop (Harley shop – yay!!) to have a good check of all things himself. He agreed all was well, and I felt good.

I love this photo of them though. Ilya on right and Ivan next to me. He kind of looks like the scenario of the devil over one shoulder whispering to me to do bad things, and I am missing the angel over the other shoulder to correct that advice! Don’t get the wrong impression of Ivan though, he was super duper helpful and as usual Russian custom, neither he or Ilya would take any money for their time spent on me.

And all boys together. Special thanks to Alexander for helping me sort things out in Russian and showing me around.. very cool, and love your magazine!

Well that concludes my sidestep and dance with an excursion to St. Petersburg, Russia. Now let’s get back on that dag-gone bike and RIDE!!!!

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