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Switzerland !!!


Switzerland !!!

After I finished my bike service in France I made my way to a small town near Geneve Switzerland.  I have friends here I met in Fiji a few years ago and they have invited me to stay.

As I said, I am on a mission to go north, but this country is so beautiful… like SO beautiful, I stayed here two nights.. I won’t need to explain much as the photos will hopefully speak for themselves.

After dinner the first night, and much advice on all the routes I can pick from for a quick tour of this country, we chose a most famous Grimsel Pass.  This is a favorite for motorcyclists I have since learned!  So I’ll take you through one of my favorite days, and one of my favorite rides so far.. 😉

 I love the house design and character here!
Train stop.

Haven’t started going over the pass yet, but I am at the base, where I decide to stop for lunch.. and watch motorcycle after motorcycle pass by the front veranda I am sitting.

I lost count how many passed by during my short yet divine Swiss lunch!

Back on the road, I see the beginning of Grimsel pass.. that is a very snakey road coming up!

Words OR pictures for me can not describe just how gorgeous this ride is.. I was riding with my mouth wide open and “wow” coming out continuously…

Eventually made it to the top!

 Where I met this man!

He came out of nowhere. His name is Rolf and he wanted to take photos.. and said he had something special for me.  He was a really nice man but this statement quite honestly made me a bit nervous.. He pulls out this gorgeous crystal (which I still carry with me to this day).  He had just been up the rocks in the picture behind searching for crystals and he had one to give me!  How did he know I was coming!?  That was fun.. and what a great guy.

So from the top of Grimsel Pass,  I have plenty of kilometers to cover to get back to my friends house and head back down the other side of the mountain.

And I met another interesting man.. check this guy out!

His name is Steve from Ireland and he was here on a fishing holiday..  Love the look! 😉

I took the road less traveling to finish my day… I just didn’t want it to end!

It was getting late in the day and made it back to Geneva just before dark… 

I do hope to come back and spend many more days riding around Switzerland… ;-)))

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