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Taganga, Colombia

Taganga, Colombia

Good news… !! You know that super bald rear tire I’ve been riding on since way up in Costa Rica?  So thin that it picked up that nail and gave me my first flat?  I have been intending to replace both tires in Bogota Colombia.  But that’s still 1000 km away and I can’t take it any more.  It’s been skipping in the turns a lot, really feels dangerous.

Yes, I can hear you all saying, that girl still doesn’t change her own tires.  The man charged me $4 to change them.  I’m supporting the Colombian economy! 😉 You know I gave him a tip.. check out his shop..  Really nice man.  I was worried, but he did an excellent job.

Need to mention another wonderful man I’ve never met has offered to help me out. Gonzalo Bueno, (I can tell by his last name he is a ‘good’ man! 😉 went and purchased the tires I wanted in Bogota.  I’ve been riding on Heidenau K60’s most of the world around due to the great advice from Walter in Russia and my first set there.  Heidenau’s are not available in this part of the world, and it wasn’t worth having them shipped.  So Craig (CJ Designs), whom I bought my last set of K60’s from in Wisconsin suggested I try his second favorite combo.. Continental TKC80 on the front and Metzler Sahara 3 on the back.

Gonzalo was kind enough to pre-pay everything and have them couriered from Bogota to Santa Marta where I picked them up at the office.  Hallelujah!  The amount of help I get from strangers on this trip still astounds me.  Thanks again Gonzalo! ;-)))  Eres muy Bueno!!

Tire change and breakfast before checking out of the hostel we had all the dramas in last night.

This is me avoiding morning close-up photos from Kevin..

Kevin is feeling the need to go scuba diving and we checked out a shop that had some diving spots in the national park down the road.  Unfortunately, he had already missed this mornings run of dive boats, so we head out to explore on motorcycles instead.

As soon as I was riding on my new tires, I felt a huge relief.

Kevin found some dirt roads to explore.  It surprises me, because rides on pure smooth street tires, no tread at all.  But he’s such a good rider, and he seems to be enjoying taking on the dirt roads.  We talk about that he wished he either brought his KLR (which he owns in Canada) but he’s liking my KTM and talks about checking out the KTM 990 when he gets home.

Anyway.. I’ve diverted as usual!  We followed the dirt track up a hill and found a small village there.  It’s offers organic coffee.  I don’t drink coffee, but Kevin does.  We are in Colombia, one of the main suppliers of coffee in the world, and he grumbles nearly every day that he hasn’t had a good cup of coffee in this country yet.  This organic cafe is a new chance they would care about a good coffee, so we went in.

It was too hot for me to have tea. Kev had his coffee (and said it wasn’t what he was hoping for…) and I had……………. drumroll………………….  A hot brownie covered with vanilla ice cream!!  Much better choice and somebody was jealous!! ;-))) I rarely do this, but it was one of those days. Kev kept staring at me and then my ice cream. I gave him a taste, but only one! It’s my favorite desert of all time, always has been and it was superb.  Sorry about your coffee…

We rode around and explored more.. On the way back toward Santa Marta, Kevin spots a great place to park the bikes and enjoy the view.  He’s good like that.

There’s a couple chairs set up and we make like we are on the porch after a long hard day and watch the world go by…

I know this is a shock..  “Wanna beer?” 😉

We not only love the view, we are totally entertained by the drunk man in the striped shirt.  That sucker was OUT..  But what was weird yet entertaining, was the guys would wake him up on occasion.. He’d pop right up full of energy, have a good yell  “Woooooo!!!!” clap his hands, knock back another shot of whatever they were drinking and pass right out again.  It happened at least 3 times within an hour or so, and each time we were cracking up laughing.

His buddies were singing away.  It’s Saturday and either it’s just what they do on their day off, or they are practicing for tonight’s gig.  Drunk man would chime in every now and then too.

Next we are back down to sea level and find a BEAUTIFUL little track to the beach.

The track led us to the beach and you would never guess.. a hammock.  We decided to set up camp here.  But the more Kevin hung out in the hammock looking at the ocean, the more he wanted to scuba dive.  So we left this beach, maybe to come back but first to make sure Kevin has a booking for a dive boat in the morning.

We tried the entrance for Tayrona National Park and hoped we could camp here and book the boat.  They couldn’t do the boat and on top of that, the tent camping areas meant we had to park the bikes and walk over 1 km to the site.  Would have been a top spot for camping but neither of us are willing to camp that far away leaving the bikes unprotected.

So executive decision made, we are going back to Taganga, do our best to find another cheap hostel and get him booked on a dive boat for the morning.

Sun was getting low on what has been another gorgeous day in Colombia…

We made it back to Taganga just in time for sunset..

I’m not a scuba diver.. So I opted for a Sherri Jo day while Kevin went on the dive early in the morning.  He wanted me to come along for the ride, even if I don’t dive, but quite honestly I needed my own day.  Usually a solo girl, living with somebody 24/7 the way we have has been great, but like anybody, a little day off just to do my own thing really sounded good to me.

Final result.. he enjoyed his day.  He said the dive was just okay. Not great, but not bad.. somewhat low visibility.

After they finished, Kevin went to a cafe with wifi and invited me down to the beach for sunset.  I hate to admit but I foolishly said no.  I also have to admit that I had the whole day alone which probably gave me too much time to think about ‘things’.


Look what I missed… Idiot!!

Now I really have to dob myself in. I’ve been on my own a long time and this day of doing my own thing, and having the space to think, went the wrong direction.  I had a bit of a panic.  I don’t want to carry on about it to avoid embarrassing myself further, but I need to account for the upcoming post where I am traveling alone again.  I didn’t sleep during the night and after talking quickly to Kevin and not giving him much space to respond,  I packed up early in the morning and left.  Super duper double idiot, but it’s what I did…

Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)

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