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Tequila Tequila! Puerto Vallarta to Mascota MEXICO

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Tequila Tequila! Puerto Vallarta to Mascota MEXICO

From Puerto Vallarta we all want to head inland again.  Found another very curvy road to follow.. shock!

I personally want to make my way toward Mexico City. The boys do too at this point, as there are some really cool ruins near the city. But first we ride away from the west coast.

Fields of the all important agave plant from which the tequila is made.

The boys spot a tequila distillery and took them 2 seconds to turn around and check it out.

It’ like Tequila school!!  I have no patience.. can we just try the stuff??  Not like we can try and swallow. We haven’t been on the road very long yet today and we still a long ride on the bikes. (I didn’t inhale either, Bill! 😉 And with the looks of these guys AND their BIG GUNS!! on the edge of the property,  I will behave on the road today, I PROMISE!

I just had a vision of what it might be like to visit the Wine Cellars in South Australia where I live with a team of men on the road holding rifles.

The boys bought their stash for a proper try of the tequila later and we got on the road without hassle.  The machine gun boys didn’t even stop us to check, just waved us through.

It’s so pretty out here.. gorgeous country.

We make our way to the small town of Mascota, Mexico.  Since we spent a good part of the morning in Puerto Vallarta, this is as far as we get today.  Any town past here and it’s going to be dark.

After a fair bit of looking around for a place for the night, we finally settle on the cheapest one we could find that also had secure parking for the night.  In the courtyard!  Ugh.. my favorite.

The boys have no issues at all riding the bikes up the stone curb and into the front door.  I still have a mental block for this.  I used to be brave-ish!  But after a pretty big crash on a hotel stairs in Turkey of which I still have a giant lump on my leg from over a year ago, I haven’t quite got past the block.

Kevin and Patrick ride up into the hotel no problem.. I waited to be last on purpose. For the greater good of everyone! 😉

James turn is a bit trickier.. a slight thud with his bash plate. Sorry for the fuzzy photos here, he was so fast!

I’m sharing Kevin’s video of me doing the same task.. please don’t laugh! 😉

I figure if I go down, I better have my helmet on.  When I fell on the little stair ramp out of the hotel in Turkey, my head hit the sidewalk so hard, I can still hear it clearly today.  I would have sworn the helmet busted on that one, but it didn’t.. it actually did it’s job.  So I can not imagine doing it again today without my helmet on.  Just in case!

And we’re in!  Time to unpack and head out for dinner.  Which interestingly included wine and not tequila.. (?) No good reason other than we were just in the mood for wine.. not beer.. not tequila.. it happens! ;-))

James was so impressed with the courtyard garden, he added some gardening to his bike.

Out for a walk around town and a restaurant.  I’m not sure why they have church by candle light in the street here, but it looks lovely.

OR!!!  You can buy fresh baked rolls by candle light.. YUM!!!  I really like this town…

Morning in Mascota.

I’m up early as usual.  Kevin is the same as me, he likes to be up early. While we tend to wait for James and Patrick!! 😉  Kev, in his Scottish accent says, “So… wanna go for brrakefast?”  and we decide to head out the door to explore our options.  Sorry, typing a Scottish accent is not easy! 😉

This is the town center.. this is all there is!  We had a great meal last night, but this morning a different story.

Choices are:  the tiny grocery inside the Abarrotes Building, the little grocery inside the green pillar building, or the street food in front.  Everything else is very closed.  Strangely enough, they have plenty of taxi’s in small town that you can hop to any shop in a second.

So.. we check out the street food.  I had my hopes up, but it’s only meat in a taco.  Such heavy food with hot salsa doesn’t appeal to me this early in the morning.  And the meat is not just meat, it’s like all parts of the animal.. Separated of course, you can pick which part you want! Ick….

Kevin is a bacon and eggs kind of guy, so he digs right in.. and loves it!

I opted for the only other option, something from the grocery shop.

My breakfast was a banana, apple and coconut.  I asked the guy if he could cut the coconut for me.. I didn’t expect him to do it with the same saw that cuts a lambs leg!

When Kevin saw me with the coconut, he had to get one too.. !

 Packing up and on the road again.. well a couple of us are anyway.  I see Patrick is still on the balcony with his computer!

Moving on to Guanajuato, Mexico………. Hasta luego!!
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