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The Best Gear has Arrived!!


The Best Gear has Arrived!!

So excited the best motorcycle riding gear is here!  Very kindly sponsored by Rukka Products of Finland and Innotesco from Melbourne!!  
From the time I began putting this journey together, through heaps and heaps of research, I learned that Rukka makes the best riding gear.  So I was off trying to track it down.
Luckily I found Pasi and Mari-Anne of Innotesco in Melbourne, and they knew just what I needed.  They both worked really hard at getting this amazing gear to me, and I can not thank them enough!!
I am very proud to wear Rukka gear.  They’ve supplied me with a full riding suit, Coolmax base layer, microfleece midlayer, and gloves!  The riding suit has soft armor inside and gore-tex material to keep me dry.  The Coolmax base layer will be like a second skin to me, and pull moisture away on those warm days.  On the cool/cold days, I’ll add on the microfleece mid layer.  Layers and trapping in the warm air will keep me warm!  And those fantastic padded gloves are also with gore-tex.  
I have to admit, I have been a bit naughty riding around without proper protective gear.  But now that I have it, it makes a world of difference.  So important to have the right gear for safety and weather protection, and you just couldn’t do any better than Rukka!!    
They took my measurements, sent them off to Europe and voila!  Everything fits to perfection!!!
I am one very lucky and grateful girl on a motorcycle journey around the world!
Anybody interested in learning more, feel free to contact  Mari-Anne at or 0414 814194.

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Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)

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