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The big journey across Russia begins!!

The big journey across Russia begins!!

However!~  They have seriously slow dial-up service speed for internet at the moment.. Just to get into this blog to tell you this took well over 5 minutes and I haven’t included any photos yet!

In the meantime,  I’m having a little better luck with Facebook.. I will keep trying to put little bits on there, and will fill in all the big detail once I can get a better service.

Yep, I just tried to upload one photo just for shucks, and it ain’t gonna happen!

There is heaps to show… for instance, my bike being unloaded from the Russian ship – scary!  Leaving Magadan, my first day on the dirt roads, incredible people living a really rough life who housed us for the night… of coarse the Gulag visit which I have posted on facebook.. that was a really big deal..many more photos of the big track to get there… biggest challenge for me ever!!  (I hope there are no English teachers critiquing my sentence structure!)

We rode last night until Midnight… really pushing my limits.. Exhausted both mentally and physically from the rough roads, but we got there.. I get slower as I get more tired.. and poor Walter is very very patient with me..  he will deserve a medal if I can make it to Irkutsk..  ðŸ˜‰

He is a really good teacher, and I have learned so much riding in the last 2 days..

It is 9 PM now, and the sun is shining brightly into the room, which contributes to lack of sleep which isn’t helping much.. I must get that eye mask from the plane out tonight..

Anyway, if you go to

some photos there will hopefully suffice for now.  We are hoping to get to a Yakutsk in 3 or 4 days time, which hopefully will be better internet connection..

Talk soon!

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  • July 31, 2010

    Bravo – so far so good… Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated… Must be a really extraordinary area for evoking all sorts of emotions… From wonderment, to reflection and even a little fear at the water crossings and bears. Well done you for handling it and taking it in your stride…

  • August 3, 2010

    Sherri really appreciate the update considering the technical difficulties. If you are going to be out there Walter is probably the best guy to have with you. He is the modern day Genghis Khan of adventure motorcycling, minus the killing and burning of villages of course 🙂


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