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The very difficult (?) dirt road to Santa Martha Mexico!


The very difficult (?) dirt road to Santa Martha Mexico!

Packing up for this morning’s dirt ride to the rock paintings in Santa Martha Mexico…Gonna be a great day!!!!  Our host at the guesthouse tells us the road is extremely difficult.  When we asked the guy we had to see about getting permission to the site in San Ignacio, he said the road is easy.. I guess we’ll see!

I’m so excited and it starts off easy enough!  We have to follow the main road to find a place to turn.

About 25 km’s down the main road, we find our well instructed (but not well marked) turn off.

This looks like fun already!!

Hmm. Those road ridges, maybe not so fun….

I was thinking, “OMG, I hope the whole day isn’t like this..”  Excitement level fading…….

I’m following James, he stops and we are both laughing, and I’m like “Dude….”  The photos never look as bad as the ridges really are.  They were beating us and our bikes to pieces.

One thing I’ve learned ever since the rough days in Russia is if I don’t like the road conditions, don’t worry long about it because they WILL change shortly.  And usually for the better.

I’m glad I remembered that because that is exactly what happened.. thank goodness!!

Who’s that hiding in the bushes.. a bandito!!??!!

Too cute.  I stopped to say ‘Hola’ to this young guy.  Imagine this lifestyle, he’s 9 and his name is Miguel. There are scattered cows around out here, and he’s watching them today.  I’d like to know what they are eating.  Everything I see has thorns on it.  Miguel is so young to be out there on his own, and we haven’t seen a house on this long road yet. But that’s the way most the world works.  How many countries I’ve ridden through where I see young children watching the herd of sheep or cows as there are no fences and they’re obviously not going to school.

So.. how’s the bike holding up?  Remembering my recent loss of the left mirror on the dirt tracks in Death Valley. Before I take off,  I’m wondering if anything has fallen off yet.  Nope, looks good!

This road is giving us plenty of variety.. this is good!!
Sometimes easy and sometimes difficult, but good!!

Oh no, the famous donkey.

This donkey was not going to budge.. talk about super stubborn.  I rode up to him slowly, as I do anytime there is a large animal in the road.  Sometimes when they decide to run, they run in the opposite direction you expect.

So I eased myself up to this guy, and beeped my horn, I revved my motor.. I was completely ignored! Story of my life!!

I get closer and closer.  Forget he might bolt in front of me,  now I’m more worried that he’s going to kick the shit out of me when I ride by.  I finally decide to give up on him and throttle past taking my chances.  He didn’t even flinch and then decided to move slightly, 2 whole steps AFTER I passed.  Next time??? I’m just going to motor through and hope he doesn’t end up in donkey hospital..

That was too funny!

Moving on.. we come across many cows and horses along with more donkeys.  Most are smart enough to get off the road.

Sand traps are very much part of the deal here too.  I’m still not a master at the stuff, so I shuffle through on the big ones.

We finally reach our destination.  The trail head to the rock paintings, and our guide shows up on foot shortly after.  Which is fine, I needed the time to get out of my riding gear and put on proper hiking up a big hill gear!

This is awesome!!!!!! How often do you get to go for a bush walk in Baja Mexico!!

We are going somewhere up there…

The views on the hike up here are getting better too.

Finally! Huffing and puffing, we made it!!

They quite honestly remind me of the rock art in Australia.  However, I am wondering about these.  The “beings” are wearing pants!  Where in ancient history do the natives where pants!!?? Maybe the natives of Mexico did.. I think they are an advanced society.  I discuss with our guide the possibility they came in on a spaceship and he didn’t laugh, he said “possibly!” Hmmm..

Here is a link to the Unesco website’s information about the rock paintings:

There is no time to waste up here, the sun is getting low.  We have a long hike back as well as the big crazy road too.   I need more hours in the day, every day, seriously!

We made it back! Our bikes are in sight again.  All is well…

This guy was there.. is he a bandito?  Is he going to shoot us?  Look, he’s drawing his gun….. !!

Turns out he is the brother of our guide, waiting for our return.  They have more important work to do. 😉

Ok, now we need to get out and hopefully before it gets dark.  Again, a rough road is that much rougher when it’s hard to see it.  I know, I worry too much.

Interestingly, whenever I need to follow the same track out as the one I went in, it goes so much quicker on the way out?  Not sure how that works, but I’m glad.
We had a group of vultures see us off.  Little did I know, which you will see down the road, that it’s actually James fault.  He attracts vultures!
Ah yes, the supersize ridges part of the track.. You can see them easier now with the sun low, hey?

And we make it to the intersection of the main road with a bit of daylight to spare. Woo hoo!

How’s that for perfect timing.  We wasted not time today and got back to town just before dark..

and into the gate of our very secure little guesthouse.

I will have to conclude that the road was super fun and I’d describe it as “easy with occasional dodgey patches”.  I can see why the lady described it as difficult, it depends on what her experiences have been.  I can also see why our guide described it as easy.  Both are right! The hike made it a super extra treat.  Perfect day….

To watch the video version of today’s ride, check out James work on vimeo:

He does a great job. I love it, so much fun and I love the music too.. thanks James!!!

Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)

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