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Travel with Pets: Paws & Paths

From Wagging Tails to World Maps

My Furry Adventures Around the Globe

Get ready to unleash the fur-tastic tales of my globetrotting escapades! 🌎🐾

The Furry Co-Pilots of Adventure

The Dynamic Duo: Cody Cowboy & Kasper

Introducing the whiskered wanderers of Sherri Jo’s odyssey - Cody Cowboy, the trailblazing blue heeler with a nose for adventure, and Kasper, the feline navigator extraordinaire. This dynamic duo has been Sherri’s steadfast companions from the rumble of the engine to the serenity of the starlit campsites. They’re not just pets; they’re co-pilots on a journey peppered with purrs and barks. Buckle up as we unfold the ‘tails’ of Cody and Kasper, the furry heartbeats at the center of Sherri Jo’s world. 🐾🏍️🚐😺🐶

Nomad Snaps: Fun on the Fly

Join in with #SHERRIWHEELS

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